We’re helping reinvent healthcare, creating scalable, production-ready software for high-flying companies. From tracking diabetic sugar levels to digital transformation of clinics, we’re proud to be supporting better health.

Here’s what we can do

Mobile apps for healthcare devices

Mobile apps for healthcare devices

Tailor-made mobile apps that control medical devices via Bluetooth, wifi or cable, synced to the cloud. In-depth knowledge of custom protocols makes the hardware development phase smoother too.

Find a doctor near you

Find a doctor near you

Web and mobile apps for finding local surgeries, scheduling appointments, rating quality of care and sharing medical files. We can build live patient-doctor video capabilities too.

“We understand the complexity and sensitivities of building next-generation healthcare software products – our experience working on a wide variety of products in this world helps ensure we always see the bigger picture.”
Petar Simic
Co-founder & Shake CEO

Important features:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Real-time video consultations
  • Search engine
  • Security
  • Data sync and control of medical devices
unigluko case study


Glucometer companion apps

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swiss healthcare

Swiss healthcare app

Digital transformation in clinics

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vitastiq case study


Bluetooth vitamin & mineral tracker

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