Meet your new team

Welcome to our office. Here is where our teams design and develop products ready to scale.

We’ll be working together, so let’s get to know each other

Are you wondering why leading startups can’t get enough of us? It’s pretty simple. We love the taste of a fresh engineering challenge in the morning, we’re avid users of Scrum, big fans of Slack and we believe in delivering nothing but the best.

Don’t be surprised if we challenge you sometimes, and want you to challenge us—that’s the way you get the perfect product. We’re on the same page.

Our designers turn your ideas into wireframes.
Developers turn specs into architecture and code.
And together we deliver the perfect product you wanted.

We got your back

Petar Šimić
Mario Žderić
Marko Strizić
CEO & Co-founder
Marin Luetić
Vice President
Ante Baus
Team Lead
Vladimir Kolbas
Team Lead
Toni Vujević
Team Lead
Ivan Trogrlić
Team Lead
Bruno Blažinč
Android Developer
Filip Car-Čorko
Android Developer
Matej Topolovac
React Native Developer
Anđelo Kandić
Full Stack Developer
Manuel Vrhovac
iOS Developer
Matej Popović
Android Developer
Mislav Stanić
Android Developer
David Halapir
iOS Developer
Tomislav Tkalčević
Android Developer
Filip Radelić
iOS Developer
Boris Belaj
iOS Developer
Jure Čular
iOS developer
Nikola Cvetko
React Native
Josip Perić
iOS developer
Sanjin Grahovar Sadiković
Team Lead QA
Marko Brajer
Leon Močiljanin
Dario Jaić
iOS Developer
Dalen Turković
iOS Developer
Goran Tomašić
iOS Developer
Domagoj Kolarić
iOS Developer
Filip Belakon
Ines Vujica
Tarek Sagir
Frontend Developer
Antonio Kranjčina
Android Developer
Branimir Hrženjak
Product Manager
Silvija Gustec
Business Development
Ivana Njavro
Office Administrator
Ingrid Tena Grgić
HR Manager
Rea Barabaš
Employer Branding Manager
Helena Skračić
Intern in Administrative

But don’t just take our word for it

While working on Vitastiq, DECODE pulled all the stops. Of course, they delivered the project, but what’s also important is the relationship with us and the way they work—their communication was highly responsive, they were proactive and had that youthful zeal. I don’t know how they did it, but the whole time we were working together, we felt like we were their only client!

Dean Vranic
CEO of Imago and the creator of Vitastiq