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We transform ideas into successful, powerful and intuitive software products that people love to use. From native and cross-platform iOS and Android apps to specialized web applications, we know exactly how to develop and build awesome products.

So what do you need?

Are you just at the idea stage?

No problem, we can take care of everything.

Already understand your market and have your designs?

We’ll start with software development and take it from there.

Have an existing product but want to go bigger and better?

We’ll enhance features, address changing user needs and fine-tune so it plays nicely with the latest technology.

Want to port from iOS to Android (or vice versa)?

We can translate your app to work seamlessly on different platforms.

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Working on several successful projects together, DECODE developers have become a valuable part of our team, supporting us in our mission of delivering top-quality mobile banking solutions to our customers.
Slavko Znidaric
Mobile solutions manager at Asseco SEE →

Our core services at a glance

To keep things simple, we group what we offer into four areas: product discovery, wireframing and design, software engineering, and quality assurance.

Many of our clients want us to handle it all, while others only need certain elements. Here’s the full run-down:


We’ve been on the front line for many newborn startups, armed only with an idea and endless enthusiasm. We’ve seen some brilliant decisions – and some not-so-great choices – and all that experience has taught us that strategy and research is vital.

If you don’t yet have a detailed plan, we’ll help you answer these essential questions and build a great foundation for your product:

  • What’s the product’s main goal?
  • How will you monetise it?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What’s your time to market?
With these insights, we can then pinpoint:
  • Your market and competitors
  • The most suitable platforms
  • The right technology stack
  • The size of team needed to hit your deadlines



This is where we map out exactly what needs to be built. It’s about understanding the entire user journey so we can craft a seamless experience. It’s really important to do this now rather than wait until the software is already in development. This saves you money in the long-run – it’s better to spot misconceptions and uncover complexity at this stage, than be surprised by costly changes further down the line.


If wireframing is about flow, design is focused on brand, giving your product a precise look and feel perfectly aligned with your company.
If you already have a visual identity, we can make sure everything we produce follows your brand guidelines. But if you don’t, we partner with talented designers who can give you everything you need. Either way, your software will look great.

out of the

Curious about what a mobile app wireframe is and how to create one? →

This all-in-one wireframing guide will give you everything you need to know.


This is what we absolutely love to do. It’s what DECODE was founded on, and we still live and breathe it today. Messaging apps, social platforms, mobile banking – we have the experience to take on any challenge.

If you’re a startup, what you’ll need most is an agile team that can iterate quickly, producing new versions every week so you can see real progress.

If you’re an established company, you want products that are testable, scalable and reliable, with excellent documentation and comprehensive code coverage. No regression, no unproductive back and forth, everything delivered on time.

Mobile application development

We’re specialists in both iOS and Android, so if you want to impress on phones, tablets, TVs or smartwatches, we’ve got your back.

Our DECODErs work across:

  • Native mobile development
  • React Native
  • Flutter

And no need to worry about app store setup and approval – we know exactly what the digital gatekeepers want to see.

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Web application development

Web apps are becoming more and more sophisticated, with user demands and expectations rising just as fast, so our products work from anywhere in the world, on every device, and every screen size.

We can build:

  • New web-based software products
  • End-to-end web infrastructure for your mobile applications

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Metaswitch – a Microsoft company

Unified communication apps

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Royal Caribbean

Communication and collaboration app

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Quality Assurance

We can’t stress enough how important this is. Clients shouldn’t have to deal with software bugs. That’s why we have a meticulous full-cycle quality assurance (QA) service that guarantees really robust software products.

Our developers collaborate with the QA team daily – rigorous testing means the dev team can focus on building great features, not playing Whac-A-Mole with bugs.

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Types of Software Testing Explained →

Software bugs are costly, both in terms of money and potential risk to human life’s, and the only way to avoid them is to have a thorough software testing regime in place…

What struck us the most with DECODE is the versatility of their engineers who were able to tackle every problem and respond to every challenge with diligence and persistence. Their UI/UX designer showed extraordinary creativity and was a source of excellent ideas. They were an excellent bunch to work with!
William Skannerup
Founder at Gentoo App & VeridenKey

Still unsure about something?

Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

Back in 2014 we made our first production real-time chat using WebSockets.

Since then, we have moved on to ejabberd XMPP which has excellent support, both on the server and client side, making development and creating features like ‘seen’, ‘delivered’ and similar functionalities quicker and simpler.

But we don’t just use that. When working on the Fling app we actually worked directly with ProcessOne, the awesome guys who created ejabberd. They took care of the server side, while we in DECODE handled the client side. Later we also worked with Erlang Solutions XMPP platform MongooseIM and some other proprietary technologies.

As far as third-party services are concerned (where there isn’t so much room for hard-core modification) we have tried out TokBox, Twilio and Bandwidth, and used Sinch (a tool from the same category which also offers audio and video communication).

Our developers’ knowledge is at an advanced level. By working with a lot of teams on many different projects, we have got to know the widest variety of architectures and have seen the majority of patterns.

This means stepping in and getting familiar with your existing project won’t pose a problem.

We have also been engaged in some big carrier-grade projects for Tier-1 telecom operators and mobile banking solutions where we had to refactor the codebase and still keep the product free of regressions.

We like to automate everything to reduce human error whenever possible. Being able to implement sustainable continuous integration workflow is very important so we can deliver new versions regularly and often, ensuring there’s no regression and everything works as intended. 

We have written multiple articles about this topic available to read here:

Yes, we also do maintenance.

We see that as continuous work after the first version is published. Releasing the first version of a software product is just the beginning. Our belief is that the real work begins after launch.

So we strongly encourage you to plan your budget so you can have a dedicated team working on your project after launch (this could be in reduced capacity). This option gives you confidence that the team monitors how the project behaves in the real world and acts quickly based on the data from the field.

Also, to create a successful product, you should iterate it based on the usage analytics – your users know best what they need.

This video demonstrates exactly that:

Other examples include:

  • When Apple removed Fling’s app from the App Store, we jumped on a plane to London the very next day to work 72 hours, non-stop. As our CEO said at the time: “I couldn’t be prouder of the team for making Fling even better than before, especially under such pressure.”
  • We flew to Dusseldorf to present an app to the Vodafone tech team in person.
  • We’ve prioritized CVs for a new addition to a client’s in-house iOS team. DECODE’s engineers sorted through them, analyzed the code and suggested the best candidates for the interview.

As for our team, we have weekly dev Scrums, daily stand-ups, all the people are together in one office, and we actively use Slack, Skype, Google Hangouts, GitHub, Bitbucket and more…

Being a software development partner for leading software companies requires high quality, regression-free deliverables.

These quality assurance automated tests nicely align with our company culture to automate everything and to remove human error.

At DECODE we use three types of automated testing to thoroughly cover all the functionalities and code we deliver:

  • System tests – Automated testing of complete functionality of the application against external APIs and all other services required for the application to function properly and meet specified requirements. In mobile development, UI tests could be used as System tests.
  • Integration tests – Integration tests build on unit tests and are executed on larger blocks of code, making sure that all integrations function properly.
  • Unit tests –  Automated and repeatable tests of individual units of source code, tested in isolation to determine whether they are fit for use. Extensive unit test coverage allows for easier major refactoring, bug fixing or adding features.
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