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When Dean approached us, their Vitastiq and Vitastiq 2 crowdfunding campaigns were going through the roof. The market was ready for the world’s first personal device for measuring your vitamin and mineral levels.

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Dean, the creator of Vitastiq, is also the CEO of a Cannes Golden Lion awarded marketing agency, so he’s no stranger to thinking outside the box. That’s just what Vitastiq is as a product — and what they wanted from their mobile app development partner.

The challenge

The Vitastiq team had the hardware figured out, but were looking for a dependable partner to develop the iOS and Android app that would sync with the hardware pen which customers use to scan their vitamin and mineral levels.

The solution

The goal of the apps was to display and track the data from the vitamin and mineral checks and help their users make educated decisions about their health.

Bluetooth vitamin & mineral tracker
vitastiq mobile app
While working on Vitastiq, DECODE pulled all the stops. Of course, they delivered the project, but what’s also important is the relationship with us and the way they work—their communication was highly responsive, they were proactive and had that youthful zeal. I don’t know how they did it, but the whole time we were working together, we felt like we were their only client!
Dean Vranic
vitastiq IOT app 1
vitamin tracker app
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