Swiss have the best healthcare. DECODE delivers the best MedTech.

It’s a fact universally acknowledged that the Swiss have one of the best and most advanced healthcare systems in the world. They apply the same standards to their MedTech, and so do we—once again, we found a perfect partner.

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7 months

The challenge

A client approached us to develop mobile and tablet apps for both iOS and Android platforms initially aimed at Swiss private clinics: The idea was to make doctor-patient–insurance provider communication easier, faster, more mobile, and personal.

Something akin to the American Zocdoc, but the initial idea of a doctor search engine grew to a complete, self-contained remote mHealth system in its own right.

The solution

The apps combined making and keeping track of appointments, prescriptions, medical records, and lab results, with advanced real-time cloud communication methods. The doctors, nurses, and patients could message back and forth, or make video conferencing appointments through an utterly secure system.

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DECODE is a dedicated team

How we set up our team and tools when we start working with a software company

This blog will describe which tools, processes, and practices we use here at DECODE, and how we approach new projects.


The project was so intricate, well documented, and tested that it took seven months and a concerted effort of project management, design, marketing, and development teams from Switzerland, Russia and Croatia to deliver the first version of this system.

Unfortunately, unforeseen market factors caused the leading partner to run out of funding in the following months, so all the efforts were stopped and the product distribution ceased.

Fortunately, the massive know-how remained and allowed us to form long-term partnerships with other new MedTech ventures.

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