Quality assurance

Excellent quality is non-negotiable – it simply must come as standard. Nobody wants to get derailed by bugs, so we’ve developed a way of working that delivers everything to exceptionally high standards.

What we do

Automated testing

Our ‘automate everything’ culture keeps manual testing to an absolute minimum. Continuous Integration and Deployment means we take advantage of test farms, using BrowserStack or SauceLabs to make execution easier.

Cloud testing platforms allow us to ‘rent’ real devices, simulators, and machines with different browsers, giving us access to a huge amount of information during and after testing.

Manual Testing

We go manual when automation is prohibitively expensive, less effective, or simply impossible.

Some elements and interactions are best checked with the human eye, while exploratory testing is often the fastest way for a software tester to fully understand how something functions.

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Why it works so well

Quality that enterprise-level software demands

We understand the complex requirements of the world’s largest brands, and we’re trusted by leading enterprises to deliver to the highest standards.

Analytics and crash monitoring

We’re smart about implementing analytics at the design stage so you get a wealth of measurements to learn from when the software is up-and-running.

We’re rigorous about Test Plans

We map out exactly how and when tests are carried out, accurately allocating time during each sprint, alongside regression plans and test cases to be covered manually.

Continuous testing

We’re always testing, fixing issues early in development and integration, catching quality and security concerns before production. Faster, easier and cheaper than dealing with problems after deployment.

Tools we use


Selenium for web automated testing

This is great for running tests on different OS and browser versions.


Appium for mobile automated testing

This allows us to establish connection to mobile devices using WebDriver protocol.


BrowserStack or SauceLabs for testing farms

Farms help us improve quality by testing across an extensive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices.


Spectron for Electron automated testing

This open-source framework is effective for writing integration tests, setting up and tearing down the app, and allowing it to be test-driven remotely.


Postman and Charles for API testing

Our preferred way to streamlining collaboration between testers and developers so we can create, test and deploy better APIs, faster.

quality assurance with shake

Powerful quality assurance with Shake

Our sister company Shake’s products allow our clients to easily report all app issues, give documented context reports and monitor application behavior, helping developers communicate with testers, designers and users.

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Our Work

We’ve loved working with many fantastic companies, and are really proud of what we’ve achieved together.

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Metaswitch – a Microsoft company

Unified communication apps

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Mobile banking app

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Let’s introduce ourselves

Find out more about who we are and why we love what we do.

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Our modus operandi

Work with us and you get a highly skilled team devoted to you and your product.

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