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Fintech expert explains the future of software privacy and digital banking | Ep. 15

What’s the future of our IDs? According to the European Commission, by 2030 around 80% of EU citizens should have digital IDs.

The long journey to digital transformation of our IDs, which can be both beneficial for our privacy and using various apps and software is explained by Robert Ilijas, the CEO and founder of Identyum.

Software team lead explains how to adapt to enterprise-level projects | Ep. 14

Working on enterprise-level projects is quite different from working on smaller projects. Codebase size, coding standards, documentation and many other factors all have to be taken more seriously, as enterprise-level projects have high standards.

London-based startup founder explains keys to finding success | Ep. 13

In this episode, we are joined by Luciana Gasser, Co-founder and CEO of Cheers Contracts, a platform for managing legal documents. Luciana shares her story about how she and her partner founded a startup and tackled problems along the way.

Why does Iceland have such a strong startup scene? | Ep. 12

What’s the Iceland startup scene like? The answer to that question is given by Katie Hitchcock, the program director of Iceland Innovation week.

Software agency founder reveals hidden challenges when building products | Ep. 11

In this episode of The Roadmap, Domagoj Ostovic, the CEO of Lloyds Digital explains the current challenges software agencies have when working with clients.

How do you prevent multitasking in product teams? | Ep. 10

In this episode we are joined by, Munawar Ahmed, who is a partner at Oliver Wyman, a global consultancy firm based in New York. Together with Munawar, the CEO of our company shares his insights on the effects of context switching in software development.

Why scope creep destroys software projects and how you can avoid it | Ep. 9

In the episode of the Roadmap, the CEO of our company, Marko Strizic, shares his insights about scope creep and how it can affect the development of your software product.

Win customers over in a saturated market | Ep. 8

Svjetlana Vukic, one of the co-founders of Resonate Digital, explains why understanding your buyer persona is important when developing a software product.

5 Key steps to product-market fit | Ep. 7

Navigating the path to product-market fit can be quite challenging if you want to have a software product that’s going to stand out. Davor Culjak, one of the co-founders of Resonate Digital points out the key areas that are crucial for developing a successful product.

Create a software company from scratch and land big clients | Ep. 6

How do you build a company and land big clients? The anwser to that question is revealed by David Chevalier, CEO and founder of Surfe, a software company which helps connect LinkedIn profiles and CRM.

Design agency founder details the best way to work with design teams | Ep. 5

On this episode we are joined by Avani Miriyala, an experienced digital product designer and founder of Matcha Design Labs, a UX and product design company based in Texas. Avani shares her expertise on the common pitfalls company founders encounter when collaborating with product designers.

A tech expert’s take on how to develop a software product | Ep. 5

Developing a software product can be difficult if you don’t have a technical background. Benjamin Huskic, a tech expert who is currently running The Quality Gate, an IT solutions company explains some of most common challenges when creating a software product.

Discover what angel investors seek in software startups | Ep. 4

Chris Piedmonte, an angel investor with over 30 years of experience in the software industry, shares his valuable insights about what angel investor are looking for when investing in a software startup.

Why software products fail | Ep. 3

We go over all the most important aspects to take care of when creating a software product. And what happens if you don’t.

Worst mistakes to avoid when building software | Ep. 2

Our CDO Ante Baus explains how to handle incidents during software development.

What makes a great software development team | Ep. 1

Setting up a team when developing a software product can be challenging. Our CEO, Marko Strizic, explains the essential roles needed to set up the perfect team.


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