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Back in 2014 we made our first production real-time chat using WebSockets.

Since then, we have moved on to ejabberd XMPP which has excellent support, both on the server and client side, making development and creating features like ‘seen’, ‘delivered’ and similar functionalities quicker and simpler.

But we don’t just use that. When working on the Fling app we actually worked directly with ProcessOne, the awesome guys who created ejabberd. They took care of the server side, while we in DECODE handled the client side. Later we also worked with Erlang Solutions XMPP platform MongooseIM and some other proprietary technologies.

As far as third-party services are concerned (where there isn’t so much room for hard-core modification) we have tried out TokBox, Twilio and Bandwidth, and used Sinch (a tool from the same category which also offers audio and video communication).

Our developers’ knowledge is at an advanced level. By working with a lot of teams on many different projects, we have got to know the widest variety of architectures and have seen the majority of patterns.

This means stepping in and getting familiar with your existing project won’t pose a problem.

We have also been engaged in some big carrier-grade projects for Tier-1 telecom operators and mobile banking solutions where we had to refactor the codebase and still keep the product free of regressions.

We like to automate everything to reduce human error whenever possible. Being able to implement sustainable continuous integration workflow is very important so we can deliver new versions regularly and often, ensuring there’s no regression and everything works as intended. 

We have written multiple articles about this topic available to read here:

Yes. In today’s environment, being agile is one of the most important things. Being agile doesn’t mean a lack of processes, but rather the opposite. Having good efficient processes and a strong working methodology helps us to be agile and at the same time organized and predictable.

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Developing a mobile app will depend on various factors like native app development vs. cross-platform app development, design complexity, developer(s)’ experience, app features, functionality, testing, etc.

Based on our experience most of the apps can be developed in anywhere between three months to six months. Contact us with your development requirements and we’ll give you an estimated time and app development cost.

This varies based on many elements including app platforms (iOS, Android or both), app complexity, feature list, business logic, developer team location, native app vs. cross-platform app development, cloud infrastructure, etc.

The cost of an app depends upon the number of features or customizations needed, timelines for app development and experience of the team or company you are hiring. It is always a good idea to ask companies for a ballpark quote so that you can compare the different options you have regarding cost and quality.

A basic mobile app for 1 platform could cost between $30,000 – $50,000

A medium-complexity mobile app for 1 platform, $50,000 – $150,000

A complex mobile app for 1 platform could cost more than $150,000