Let’s get to know each other

We spend a lot of time learning about our clients and their products. So it’s only right you get a chance to learn about us.

We’re not just a team of developers, we’re DECODErs – a tight-knit community of like-minded and passionate specialists in our field. We turn ideas into algorithms. Concepts into code. And, we’re able to help each other do a better job each day thanks to the common principles that drive us.

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Why we do What we do


DECODE was built on a desire to make great things possible. What started as three computer science engineers building a handy app together has become so much more. Now, DECODE exists to help aspiring businesses bring their ideas to life through the power of software development.

Our passion for tech is what drives us to explore its potential. We love to see what technology can do. There is always a new tool we can try, or a platform we can play with. By sharing the discoveries we make with our exceptional clients around the world, we help them achieve truly great things.

What we believe in

Over the years at DECODE, we’ve put a lot of thought into what it is that makes us who we are. The qualities that unite us, that make us such an effective team, and that drive us to bring our clients’ ideas to life each and every day.

Eventually, defining the values of DECODE became an exciting side project all of its own, with every employee’s input helping us to carve out a concrete answer to the question: what is DECODE all about?

We developed our values together, as a team. They really mean something to us, and are now the bedrock of our company culture.

At DECODE, we believe in…

Acting responsibly

Taking a systematic, conscientious approach to our work means we always keep our word, both to our clients and our colleagues. Rushing things isn’t our style, we prefer to think before we act. You can always rely on DECODE.


DECODErs help and respect each other, always striving to create a positive working atmosphere for team members and clients alike. That caring attitude applies to our work too. You can count on us – we won’t let you down.

Being transparent

DECODE is a place of open communication. Our working relationships are always based on mutual trust, and that transparency encourages self-improvement for us all. We’re not afraid to say when there’s a problem, or to admit if we don’t know something yet.

Striving for excellence

DECODE is a knowledge-driven team. Always looking to learn and push ourselves, we enjoy the challenge of going out of our comfort zone. There is always more we can learn, and that’s what we love about what we do.

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The DECODE story

DECODE was born in 2011, founded by three engineers from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science: Marko, Mario and Petar.

What started as three ambitious students working on an app to help their friends find the best nightlife has evolved to become a development partner for some of the world’s leading software companies.

Based in the EU in Croatia’s beautiful capital city, we’re a team of more than 80. And we’re still growing.

From energetic startups looking to make their mark to established enterprises and large corporate entities, we work across an incredible range of clients, helping them transform great ideas into a living, breathing reality.

Whether a project involves quantum cryptographics or complex mobile solutions, our processes and working relationships are always positive and productive.

At DECODE, we specialise in the development of tailor-made iOS and Android mobile apps as well as complex web solutions. But all things considered, there isn’t much software we won’t turn our hand to. We relish the opportunity to work on complex challenges across all fields of development.

What struck us the most with DECODE is the versatility of their engineers who were able to tackle every problem and respond to every challenge with diligence and persistence. Their UI/UX designer showed extraordinary creativity and was a source of excellent ideas. They were an excellent bunch to work with!
William Skannerup
Founder at Gentoo App & VeridenKey

Shake: a spin-off software company we helped launch


The initial idea for Shake was born in DECODE when we realized our brilliant debugging process could help not just us and our partners, but every app developer out there. And if we want to show how DECODE’S knowledge, expertise and capacity for innovation can help anyone successfully launch a new software startup, then why not do it ourselves?

Shake was set up as a small separate team, a brand new SaaS company was born, and we started collaborating with them.

Our sister company Shake has grown tremendously since, and today is a success in its own right — leaders in the tech space around the world use Shake’s range of products for bug, feedback and crash reporting.

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Supporting those around us

Being a DECODEr isn’t just about helping the people we work with. It’s about helping the wider community too, and giving something back to those who need it.

We’re always happy to lend people a hand wherever we can, and there are a few causes that are particularly meaningful to us at DECODE. Like this one:

Helping more people give blood

We developed an app to help people see the availability of blood types in Croatia’s three main transfusion centres. By notifying users when blood types are in need, the app encourages more people to donate blood and save lives.

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shortage of blod type A 1


A team of more than 80 ambitious individuals fired up by shared values, vision and mission.

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