Helping people take their health back into their own hands. Literally.

DECODE’s task was to develop a mobile app aimed at the end-users—the diabetes patients. This app rounded the system consisting of cloud backend and uniGluko CLINIC software for doctors.

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Short summary






6 months

The challenge

Let us start this story off by noting that there are around 350 000 000 people in the world suffering from diabetes. And there are several hundred glucometer makers and models—a real nightmare.

That’s the problem unigluko decided to tackle with an innovative IoT solution that took a team of doctors and university researchers—and DECODE as a mobile app development partner—to come to life.

The solution

The proof of concept came when Deutsche Telekom loved the idea so much they incubated it in their hub:raum incubator, helping it grow from a concept to reality.

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DECODE is a dedicated team

How we set up our team and tools when we start working with a software company

This blog will describe which tools, processes, and practices we use here at DECODE, and how we approach new projects.

unigluko mobile app
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The app we made allows users to ditch their old pen and paper methods of keeping track of their blood sugar. They can now monitor it closely via an app and easily share the data with their physician, but also make informed decisions about their health.

So can you blame us for being proud of this project too?

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