Were you born to DECODE?

If technology is our vehicle for progress, people are the superfuel that drives us forward. They are the asset we value the most. Knowledge can be shared. Skills can be coached and developed. But talent, vision and a can-do attitude are rare things that really are special.

We love to see people fulfill their potential. To help DECODE their life ambitions and pursue their goals each and every day. That’s why we are committed to providing the fun, professional and supportive working atmosphere that talented individuals need to thrive.

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What does it take to be a DECODEr?

At DECODE, we care about having the right people on board. Everyone brings something unique to the table, but there are key qualities we all have in common:

DECODErs are…

  • Positive, even on the harder days
  • People you can depend on
  • Always willing to help others
  • Friends, not just colleagues
  • Caring and principled, sharing DECODE’s values
  • Not afraid to contribute and get involved
  • Hard-working professionals that know how to enjoy themselves

Why you might like to work with us

There’s always room for more extraordinary people on the team. When we find genuine talent, we want to help nurture and shape it, providing real opportunities for personal and professional growth.

We don’t believe in high-pressure working conditions where stress is the norm. Instead, we prefer to cultivate a positive environment that encourages creativity and innovation, and rewards people as much as it challenges them. And, that offers support in the form of a dynamic, tight-knit team of passionate colleagues.

At DECODE, our team enjoys real work-life balance, with plenty of perks and benefits too. Given the great work our DECODErs do on a daily basis, it feels like a fair trade.


Space to fulfill your goals

Every quarter, DECODErs have regular 1-on-1 sessions with our founders to discuss their career and personal development.

Choose your own career path

You’re in the driver’s seat here. And you can turn your career in the direction that is right for you. DECODE always encourages employees to expand their horizons and try new things.

Funding for your development

All of us at DECODE are always hungry to learn new things. That’s why a chunk of our annual budget goes towards training and education for all staff to develop their skills and expertise.

A ‘buddy’ for new starters

Starting a new job in a new area can be tough. That’s why we have a buddy scheme where a team member will show you the ropes, help you get settled in, and introduce you to everything Zagreb has to offer!

Genuine work-life balance

We’re all professionals here, and we trust one another to get things done. How they get done is up to you. DECODErs clock their working hours around their own schedule. We aren’t big fans of overtime, but if it’s needed, we will always pay for it.

Work-from-home days

Our office atmosphere is one of the best. But we understand that sometimes you need the freedom to work elsewhere, so all of our staff have an annual allowance of WFH days.

And more…
  • Modern offices in the heart of Zagreb
  • Leading-edge systems and facilities
  • Free parking
  • A permanent invite to the office’s ‘Beer Corner’ every Friday!
“A firm that always puts its employees first. Stress-free, project-rich environment to satisfy all your career paths. With great mentorship and an education budget you will never have to experience a “constant” in your career growth.”
Tarek Saghir
Frontend developer at DECODE →

Catch-ups, hackathons, talks and pizza

We regularly host events and occasions for all of our DECODErs to get together, share experiences, and build on their knowledge and skills as a community. Sometimes, we like a bit of healthy competition too.

Here are some of the activities we regularly hold for the DECODE team…

careers all hands novo

All Hands

Every second Friday, we get together to discuss the progress we’ve made as a team, and the projects and opportunities that lie ahead.

nova slika careers page 1

Demo Days

On Fridays without an All Hands meeting, we have a Demo Day instead where our developers showcase their work to the rest of the team.

careers silvija

Tech Talks

Our talented team of techies always have new things to discuss in software and beyond. We find a comfy seat in the lounge, discuss all things dev, and enjoy some free pizza.



This is one of our most loved events. At least once a year, every DECODEr has two days to devote to their own creative project, with some prizes up for grabs.


Team Building

Our bi-annual team building events are a great opportunity for all of DECODE to get together, hang out, and have some fun…with a little bit of adventure thrown in.

We’re expanding our team — join us

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. We believe in equality and fairness for all.

Want to know more?

That’s great. We love your enthusiasm.

Of course! We would be more than happy to consider your application again, particularly if you come back to us with new knowledge or skills.

Search and apply for a job on our Careers page. Follow us on social media too – we’re on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – where we will keep you up to date on open positions at DECODE.

We collect applications through Bamboo.hr. If you have your CV/resume ready, it should take you a few minutes to complete our online application. Bear in mind that the more relevant information we get from you, the more we will be able to understand if you are the right candidate.

It is not required but it’s certainly an advantage. We really appreciate when a candidate takes the time to show us his or her motivation.

Certainly! We need people on our team who can bring in great projects and even better people. Show us what you can do and we’ll see if you’d fit right in.

At the moment, we don’t offer internships but any updates on that will go on our career page, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Step 1: Online Application

All our open positions are listed on our website. To apply, complete the online application through Bamboo. When you send your application you will receive a thank you email to confirm it’s reached us. Once your application arrives, our team will review your qualifications. If we feel that your skills and experience meet our requirements, we will contact you for an interview. We’ll also let you know if you haven’t been successful too.

Step 2: First interview with a Hiring Lead and People Operation Team Lead

We prefer people to come to the office for an interview but it is possible to arrange a video interview as well. The first interview will cover your education and experience, and we’ll be assessing your knowledge and motivation. It will take about an hour, with plenty of time to ask us everything you want to know.

Step 3. Second interview with a Hiring Lead, People Operations Team Lead and COO

Again, we prefer in-person interviews but could do video if necessary. This interview is for our COO to get to know you better and it’s more like a relaxed talk where we discuss salary, potential start dates, benefits and remote working. It’s the last step before we decide to hire you.

Step 4. Offer

If we decide you’re the best candidate for the position, we will send you an offer letter.

Step 5: Onboarding at DECODE

Congratulations and welcome to DECODE! We’ll start our onboarding process so you can begin to feel part of the team. We have a dedicated team of people who will help you with your first days at DECODE.

Yes, we are trying to take part as much as we can. We’ve done everything from career speed dating to workshops for students. As our tech and non-tech teams grow we will have more capacity to make this a more integral part of our business.

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