Internet of Things (IOT)

We’re experts in comprehensive IoT technology ecosystems and companion apps. Clients around the world have put their trust in our engineering to supercharge their vitamin trackers, diabetes monitors, smart lighting and more.

Here’s what we can do

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Indoor navigation with iBeacon

Help users navigate effortlessly through shopping malls, airports and other large-scale venues using iBeacon technology. Our expertise will make sure they always know where they’re going.

Connected healthcare

Connected healthcare

We create the software for sensor-based technology, so you and your users can get the most out of connected health devices, wearables, biosensors and mobile apps that track behavior.

Smart home

Smart home

Our tailor-made companion mobile apps give users total control of their environment by connecting home products and accessories to Android, iPhone and smart watches.

Consumer wearables

Consumer wearables

We harness the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and wifi with companion apps that talk directly to sensor-filled IoT devices designed to monitor, collect and quantify wearer data.

Connected cars

Connected cars

Controlling specific vehicle functions through tailor-made mobile applications. Get the most out of built-in sensors, automation, connectivity and intelligence via on-board and cloud-based software.

Hardware design

Hardware design and manufacturing

Our strong relationship with hardware and embedded software manufacturer ByteLab means we can take you from initial idea to production.

“Our experience lies in building companion apps that talk to a huge range of hardware via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or wifi. ”
Marko Strizic
Co-founder and CEO

Important features:

  • Device firmware update directly from your smartphone app
  • Software development of a custom Bluetooth profile compatible with BLE 4.0 specification
  • Home automation protocols
  • SmartHome hubs
vitastiq case study


Bluetooth vitamin & mineral tracker

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kien case study


Smart daylight app increases energy savings by 80%

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unigluko case study


Glucometer companion apps

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swiss healthcare

Swiss healthcare app

Digital transformation in clinics

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printt case study


London’s printing solution for 65m people

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