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Intuitive design is a must-have for any software product. Our product design team specializes in creating user interfaces both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

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Product design is a complex process. It takes numerous skills and activities to make it work. Thankfully we’ve mastered all of them as seen below…

UX/UI Design

Following a detailed product discovery phase, our focus turns to delivering a beautiful interface with user experience being the number 1 priority.

Design systems

Multi-platform development can be hard. Design system is a toolbox to help us combat that. We’re experts at creating a cohesive look and helping our engineers speed up development.


We bring your product to life even before development. Prototyping comes in handy to impress investors, test the product with users or simplify collaboration between designers and developers.

User testing

Assumptions need to be validated. That’s why we test the usability, functionality, and overall user experience with real product users.

Our design service journey

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Single vision for your software product

Our product designers and software engineers are both in-house. That means regular meetings and a team that’s in constant sync. Product designers make sure engineers follow guidelines, while engineers make sure design is technically feasible.

We don’t stop at design

We take full ownership. From design QA to user testing we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure design reaches the guaranteed quality. Our commitment to design is evident in Shake, one of our products which allows designers and users to report UI bugs.

Whole design package

Our team covers all dimensions of design. Beautiful interfaces, intuitive UX, along with all graphics and animations aligned with your brand. We leave no stones unturned.

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Tools of the Trade

We’re designers so it’s not surprising we know how to get the most out of digital tools. Here’s a snapshot of what we use and why:



Our tool of choice for UX/UI design and so much more. We hold workshops in FigJam, and use Figma for prototyping and collaboration with clients and colleagues.

adobe cc

Adobe CC

Alright, let’s talk about Adobe CC, the rockstar suite of tools. From Photoshop for pixel-perfect image editing to Illustrator for crafting stunning vector graphics, Adobe CC has got all the design essentials covered.



This is how we test our Figma designs. Our target users’ feedback is crucial to us and we want to hear all of it. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, designers can effortlessly conduct usability tests, capture real-time user insights, and fine-tune their designs for a flawless user experience.



Sure, we also prototype in Figma, but Principle comes in when we really want to impress. Principle makes complex interactions look easy. Whether it’s crafting intricate microinteractions or showcasing complex user flows, Principle empowers designers to create jaw-dropping prototypes that truly wow stakeholders and users alike.

Cost matters


Ideal for startups or small businesses looking for a clean and functional design for their software product.


2 – 4 weeks


20.000 USD


Suitable for businesses that require a more comprehensive design solution with enhanced features and user experience.


5 – 7 weeks


35.000 USD


Tailored for large-scale projects that require detailed design solutions and have complex user requirements.


8 + weeks


45.000+ USD

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