The complete workforce management solution for entire organisations 

We joined the GDI engineering team to upgrade their workforce management web app with a native iOS and Android mobile app. As part of their Ensemble Suite, the app provides complete management of work orders, people, and processes at every stage of any task. 

Workforce Management Solution

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2020 – 2023

GDI is an innovative and award-winning provider of applied tech solutions, with 30 years of successful growth and around 1,200 customers.

The challenge

The proper organization of internal and external business is a well-known challenge for most organizations across different industries including telecoms, energy and utilities, the public sector, and others.  It gets even more challenging if fieldwork is involved.

The goal of our collaboration was to create an on-the-go mobile application that helps to easily plan, coordinate, and schedule work and related resources from any location.

The solution

We built a comprehensive app solution with many smart features, such as real-time custom notifications on work order statuses for easier resource management, as well as real-time scheduling and location tracking to streamline the process.

Monitoring and managing the status of work is available to management, so they can dispatch field workers to the right customer and location through geographical and street-based routing.

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workforce management tool
DECODE is a great support to our in-house engineering team. Their knowledge of mobile app development is remarkable. Working aside them is always an ongoing pleasure.
Marijan Zivic
Head of Software Product Development at GDI →
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DECODE is a dedicated team

How we set up our team and tools when we start working with a software company

This blog will describe which tools, processes, and practices we use here at DECODE, and how we approach new projects.

A completely user-centric app

The app  adapts to different user roles and grants distinct functionalities and permissions. Users can easily create, view, accept and finalize work orders directly from their mobile phone, in just a few clicks. 

Additionally, they can adjust parameters according to their needs and specific business requirements, without needing the help of an engineer.


W4 is all about increasing productivity, operational performance, and accelerating business processes. At the same time, it helps to reduce workforce-related costs, business risk, downtime, and errors. A win-win.

The entire stack consists of a web application that serves as the main dashboard, and native iOS and Android applications. We developed new libraries for rendering UI elements natively on both iOS and Android. Our solution is highly customizable, so it caters to every customer’s demands.

Our mobile development team, iOS and Android developers as well as QAs, worked closely with the GDi’s in-house engineering team, sharing tools and expertise.

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