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CAFU is a mobile car services company based in the UAE, and they asked for our help to develop their mobile apps. Take a look at how we did it.

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Car services




2022- 2023


iOS development

Android development


iOS – Swift

Android – Kotlin 

CAFU offers various car services in the UAE and Canada. That includes fuel delivery, car washing, oil change, battery change, tire change, and even car insurance. Think Glovo/Talabat for cars.

The challenge

The client’s main challenge was to solve every car-related need their users have.

For example, they aim to deliver fuel to users in a region with scarce gas stations like the UAE.

From the technical side our main challenges were:

  • Enhancing the existing product
  • Localization
  • Difficulty of app expansion

The solution

The solution was simple. An all-in-one car services app.

But how do you create it?

We put our best people on it, carefully selected from our iOS and Android teams.

Here’s what we aimed to do:

  • Maintain and improve the client’s legacy app
  • Create a new version for both iOS and Android
  • Create the client’s EV services iOS app aimed at Canadian users 

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Our impact

Modular architecture

For version 2.0 of the app, we’ve set up the software into independent modules, ensuring the legacy and the new code are not bloated and can be easily maintained.

Phantom home screen

Users aren’t keen on registering immediately. That’s why we made a home screen with all available services at the user’s location. That way, the user can choose a service, see all the specificities, and sign in when it’s time to buy.

Redesigning user flows

Onboarding screens and flows needed work, so we redesigned them to be more user-friendly and intuitive.

Electric vehicle app

With the recent advent of electric vehicles, the demand for related services increased. We helped our client ride that wave by growing their iOS app for Canadian users.


We’ve created the app in both English and Arabic while making sure we cover all cultural nuances and differences.

Tech stack

JetpackCompose 1

Jetpack Compose

There’s no better way to accelerate and simplify the building of Native Android UI.

Fastlane 1


This tool’s automatic deployment allows us to develop more efficiently.

BrowserStack 1


Farms help us improve quality by testing across an extensive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices.

Appium 1


This allows us to establish connection to mobile devices using WebDriver protocol.

Jira 1


Jira is a robust tool for project management, and after using it for a long time, we know it inside out.



We used this tool to make the localization and translation process easier and simpler.



When it came to product analytics, and tracking events, this tool proved useful to us.



This CMS tool allowed the client to easily add images, icons or buttons optimized for their brand.

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cafu 2 2


Here’s what our collaboration with the client resulted in ( so far):

Improved existing app – We keep maintaining and improving the legacy app.

Expanding into new markets – The new iOS app for electrical vehicles allowed the client to enter the Canadian market.

A complete mobile experience –  We made the new version of the app for both iOS and Android. 

Our partnership continues to grow and we’re ready to make more impact along the way.




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