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Choose between dedicated tech specialists or self-managed multidisciplinary teams. We’re equipped to handle complex mobile & web software projects from discovery to delivery.

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Challenges we’ll solve

Filling gaps in your team

Being multidisciplinary, you can bet we have all tricks up our sleeve. If you’re in need of software developers we can smoothly integrate ours with your team. Technologies & tools we cover →

Making sure your idea works

Before even a cent is spent on development we’ll research your idea in order to validate it. We’ll also create a thorough roadmap for the project along with detailed wireframes. You’ll know where you’re going before stepping on the path.

Transform your idea into a software product

For both established companies and startups, software products should be testable, scalable, reliable, with great documentation and code coverage. There should be no regressions or delays, and everything should be delivered on time. That’s where we excel.

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the distant year when we started our story


expert employees under one roof

one roof


years is our average client collaboration span

How we can help you

Many of our clients want us to handle the whole project, while others only need certain aspects. Here’s the full run-down of our services:

We’ve been on the front line for many newborn startups, armed only with an idea and endless enthusiasm. We’ve seen some brilliant decisions – and some not-so-great choices – and all that experience has taught us that strategy and research is vital.

Through workshops and modern research methods we’ll test your idea, make sure it fits the market and show you how to turn it into reality. We’ll lay the foundation before writing a single line of code.

Through our 4-stage process we’ll make sure all bases are covered.


Kickoff meeting

Project goals

Problem framing

Technical evaluation

Competitor & market analysis

User interviews


Affinity mapping

Functionality prioritisation

User journeys

User flows

Process mapping


Technical solution proposition


User acceptance testing

Usability testing




Project scope

Project roadmap

Budget estimation

Summary and key findings presentation

We offer an entire suite of end-to-end design services. Our approach involves utilizing in-depth research, data, and valuable insights to develop and implement user-centered experiences that are simple and effortless to navigate.

  • UX/UI design
  • Design systems
  • Prototyping
  • User testing

If you already have a visual identity, we can make sure everything we produce follows your brand guidelines.

This is what we absolutely love to do. It’s what DECODE was founded on, and we still live and breathe it today. Messaging apps, social platforms, mobile banking – we have the experience to take on any challenge.

If you’re a startup, what you’ll need most is an agile team that can iterate quickly, producing new versions every week so you can see tangible progress.

If you’re an established company, you want products that are testable, scalable and reliable, with excellent documentation and comprehensive testing code coverage. No regression, no unproductive back and forth, everything delivered on time.

Our techstack


iOS native:
Swift, Objective C

Android native:
Kotlin, Java


React Native



Node.js & Python/Flask

Web Frontend:
React, Angular

Quality assurance

Many brag about senior developers but forget to mention quality assurance. That’s where they try to save money. We don’t.

What truly sets us apart are our QA engineers and processes. Enterprise-grade software requires quality assurance at the highest level.

Here’s why our QA works so well

  • Code reviews
  • Code guidelines
  • Test automation
  • UI tests
  • Code quality tools
  • Unit tests

Our passion for quality assurance also led us to build our own crash and bug reporting tool
Shakebugs.com →


A look at our achievements on different high-level projects.

Great, but why DECODE?

Here’s why you should hire us for your software development needs:

1 Project – 1 Team

We completely immerse ourselves in your world, laser-focused on your goals. From the moment we start working together, we’re never distracted by other clients. It’s all about you.

Easily scalable up/down

We can be a big team during intensive product development, then quickly scale down when version 1.0 is released. Why pay for resources you don’t need?

Trusted by the best

Working on projects for giants such as Microsoft, Royal Caribbean, and AT&T makes us uniquely prepared to handle even the hardest of challenges.

And there’s more:

  • 1-2 weeks to integrate with your team
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Project managers with extensive tech knowledge
  • Daily stand-ups and biweekly sprint meetings with clients
  • SCRUM agile development
  • Rigorous QA methods
  • Easily scalable teams

Extreme transparency

You’ll have complete communication access to every team member working on your project. You’ll also know exactly who’s doing what, when, why, and at what cost.
communication with CTOS

Get ahead of your competition by creating a high-quality software product — Let’s talk→

team extension collaboration model
project based collaboration model

Tools of the Trade

We’re engineers so it’s not surprising we know how to get the most out of digital tools. Here’s a snapshot of what we use:

UI/UX Design










Source Control






iOS native:
Swift, Objective C

Android native:
Kotlin, Java

React Native Flutter

Web Backend:
Node.js & Python/Flask

Web Frontend:
React, Angular


BitBucket Pipeline



Azure Dev Ops








Collaboration models


Access to a pool of seasoned experts
ready to 
join your team.

Team extension

Dedicated team


We’ll turn your idea into a complete software product regardless of scale.

End-to-end projects

Proof of concept

Pilot projects

Next steps

We only take on projects we have the capacity to deliver to exceptional standards – and we never abandon you part-way through.

Over a relaxed call or two, we’d like to hear as much as possible about your project (fully NDA’d of course).

We’ll talk about:

  • Your expectations
  • Your deadlines
  • Your vision

If we both feel we’re a great fit for each other, we can move on to the next step.

There are a few steps in this phase:

  • We’ll hand-pick a team based on your desired seniority level and other requirements.
  • We’ll send you their CVs so you’ll know every engineer working for you.
  • If necessary, we can set up interviews between you and every engineer.

Only when you’re 100% on board with our choice, we’ll go to the next phase.

If everything sounds good to you, we’re ready to get started.

This could be the start of a great partnership

Want to get in touch? Just fill in the short form below, or skip to the bottom to arrange a chat direct with our client strategy specialist. Either way, we’ll be back in touch as soon as we can to arrange an informal call.

Don’t worry, any information you give us will only be stored for business purposes. Find out more in our Privacy Policy.

Ivor Cindric

Arrange a chat with Ivor, our client strategy specialist.

Still unsure about something?

Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

In the team-based model, we’ll attach our engineers to your existing teams or give you a specialized dedicated team. For example, if you need five iOS engineers to augment your team, that’s what we’ll do. Or you could need a whole self-managed dedicated team of web app developers. The focus of this model is to fill skill gaps in your teams.

In the product-based model, we focus on your product as a whole. All you have to do is share your software product idea, and we’ll turn it into reality from start to finish. That means we’ll have product managers, UX/UI designers, solution architects, and software engineers all working on your product without you needing to go elsewhere or hire internally. This model focuses on creating a profitable and impactful software product.

We are used to working with big brands such as Metaswitch (a Microsoft company), Royal Caribbean, AT&T and Asseco SEE, so we understand what high-quality and carrier grade deliverables mean.

We even developed our own software product (www.shakebugs.com) that helps big companies in their mobile development process.

The most common reason for the failure of a software project is because vendors don’t keep their promises, over-promise or just vanish in the middle of the process.

Normally right when you need them most. Our main goal is to be your long-term partner, and to grow with you. You can rely on us, rain or shine.

We are committed to long-term gigs and we are investing ourselves in those partnerships. Therefore, we work on small number of projects simultaneously. We don’t jump from client to client and we don’t over-stretch by running too many projects at once.

We stick with our long-term clients so they always get our full attention, and don’t start something if we’re not sure that we can deliver all our promises.

If we decide to take your gig, you can be sure we are totally committed.

Yes, we also do maintenance.

We see that as continuous work after the first version is published. Releasing the first version of a software product is just the beginning. Our belief is that the real work begins after launch.

So we strongly encourage you to plan your budget so you can have a dedicated team working on your project after launch (this could be in reduced capacity). This option gives you confidence that the team monitors how the project behaves in the real world and acts quickly based on the data from the field.

Also, to create a successful product, you should iterate it based on the usage analytics – your users know best what they need.

Back in 2014 we made our first production real-time chat using WebSockets.

Since then, we have moved on to ejabberd XMPP which has excellent support, both on the server and client side, making development and creating features like ‘seen’, ‘delivered’ and similar functionalities quicker and simpler.

But we don’t just use that. When working on the Fling app we actually worked directly with ProcessOne, the awesome guys who created ejabberd. They took care of the server side, while we in DECODE handled the client side. Later we also worked with Erlang Solutions XMPP platform MongooseIM and some other proprietary technologies.

As far as third-party services are concerned (where there isn’t so much room for hard-core modification) we have tried out TokBox, Twilio and Bandwidth, and used Sinch (a tool from the same category which also offers audio and video communication).

Our developers’ knowledge is at an advanced level. By working with a lot of teams on many different projects, we have got to know the widest variety of architectures and have seen the majority of patterns.

This means stepping in and getting familiar with your existing project won’t pose a problem.

We have also been engaged in some big carrier-grade projects for Tier-1 telecom operators and mobile banking solutions where we had to refactor the codebase and still keep the product free of regressions.

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