We made an app that controls sunlight

This seemingly simple lamp is one of the most advanced artificial sunlight solutions on the market, emulating the natural cycle of daylight to produce a dynamic, healthy source of light for every situation and mood.

Kickstarter and initial partnerships

To turn that idea into reality, Kiën ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and chose to partner with the best—they collaborated with the leading light experts from Google, Fraunhofer Institute and the Technical University Berlin.

Add DECODE to that list, as we teamed up to help them make sunlight not only smart and connected, but also highly personal. We developed sleek native Android and iOS apps that allow users to control the Kiën lights in their home according to their mood.


Tap, tap, tap

Latest technologies, two top-notch teams working together and years of experience from both sides—the collaboration could only be a great success, which it is as from the feedback from banks customers.

The collaboration continues to this day, and who knows how many more projects await!

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