Use our iOS expertise to turn your idea into a great app. Whether you’re an SME or a Fortune 500 company, our state-of-the-art technologies and modern development methods help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Building iOS applications for any device

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Apple Watch

We harness the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and wifi with companion apps that talk directly to sensor-filled IoT devices designed to monitor, collect and quantify wearer data.



We are true experts in advanced mobile applications for iOS. We’re experienced in many industries including fintech and telecoms, building messaging apps, social platforms, mobile banking software and more.

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Our iOS engineers create crisp apps adaptable to all devices and browsers. Get a sleek, user-friendly design of your next iPad app.

I am continually impressed by the level of pride and ownership that DECODE takes in the work they perform for us. They treat our products as if they are their own, which translates into better user experiences for our customers.
Kenneth Huebsch
Software Engineering Manager at Qrypt →


Choosing the right software agency to make your iOS app can be difficult. Here’s why we’d be the perfect fit for you.

1 Project – 1 team

If a team is assigned to you, rest assured that it’s the only product they’re working on.


We’re highly proficient in English and understand the nuanced needs of the competitive western market.

Extreme transparency

Communication won’t be only through a project lead – you’ll be able to speak to every engineer working on your project.

Tested by the best

Working on projects for giants such as Microsoft, Royal Caribbean, and AT&T makes us uniquely prepared to handle even the hardest of challenges.

ios app development


Using the most efficient agile methods and technologies, we make sure your product reaches the app store fast while being of the highest quality. Take a look at our process:



We help you through the very beginning of the iOS app development process. You’ll get strategic advice and guidance on the direction of your app. If you don’t yet have a detailed plan, we’ll help you answer these essential questions and build a great foundation for your product:

  • What’s the product’s main goal?
  • How will you monetize it?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • What’s the budget?
  • What’s your time to market?

Answering these questions will set your iOS app up for success.


App design

Wireframing, prototyping, UX and UI design, you name it. We’ll do it.

Mapping out exactly what needs to be built, understanding the entire user journey so we can craft a seamless experience. Planning makes perfect.



To give you the best and most timely results, we use Agile methodologies such as SCRUM. We split work into sprints lasting two to four weeks. At the end of each one, we present our latest progress.

You always know what to expect and when we’ll deliver it. Working in cycles enables us to constantly fine-tune our workflow. We communicate with you daily and you get access to our project management tools.


You can read more about Scrum methodology and why it’s so effective.

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Maintenance and support

The launch of product version 1.0 is just the beginning. Our belief is that the real work begins after launch. We are a long-term partner and will therefore continue to build your product until you need us.

We’ll also help you release it smoothly, track its performance, run support and maintenance, and be on hand to continue its evolution so it stays indispensable.

new image Metaswitch

Making Unified Communications a functioning reality.

DECODE worked closely with Metaswitch’s in-house engineers to develop a seamless cross-device experience for iOS & Android.

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Our collaboration models


Access to a pool of seasoned fintech experts
ready to 
join your team.

Team extension

Dedicated team


We’ll turn your fintech idea into a complete software product regardless of scale.

End-to-end projects

Proof of concept

Pilot projects


Take a look at iOS tools and technologies we use to make apps great.








Core Data





Project architecture

MVVM+C Architecture

QA tools




CI/CD tools


BitBucket pipeline

MS AppCenter

Documentation tools



In-app analytics




We’re your ready-made, self-managed iOS team totally focused on you and your product —
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project based collaboration model


In-house developers on

1 location.


Years of hard work, always pushing for excellence.


app downloads for products we helped create.

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Still unsure about something?

Don’t worry, whatever it is, we’ve got you covered in our FAQ.

In the team-based model, we’ll attach our engineers to your existing teams or give you a specialized dedicated team. For example, if you need five iOS engineers to augment your team, that’s what we’ll do. Or you could need a whole self-managed dedicated team of web app developers. The focus of this model is to fill skill gaps in your teams.

In the product-based model, we focus on your product as a whole. All you have to do is share your software product idea, and we’ll turn it into reality from start to finish. That means we’ll have product managers, UX/UI designers, solution architects, and software engineers all working on your product without you needing to go elsewhere or hire internally. This model focuses on creating a profitable and impactful software product.

We are used to working with big brands such as Metaswitch (a Microsoft company), Royal Caribbean, AT&T and Asseco SEE, so we understand what high-quality and carrier grade deliverables mean.

We even developed our own software product ( that helps big companies in their mobile development process.

The most common reason for the failure of a software project is because vendors don’t keep their promises, over-promise or just vanish in the middle of the process.

Normally right when you need them most. Our main goal is to be your long-term partner, and to grow with you. You can rely on us, rain or shine.

We are committed to long-term gigs and we are investing ourselves in those partnerships. Therefore, we work on small number of projects simultaneously. We don’t jump from client to client and we don’t over-stretch by running too many projects at once.

We stick with our long-term clients so they always get our full attention, and don’t start something if we’re not sure that we can deliver all our promises.

If we decide to take your gig, you can be sure we are totally committed.

Yes, we also do maintenance.

We see that as continuous work after the first version is published. Releasing the first version of a software product is just the beginning. Our belief is that the real work begins after launch.

So we strongly encourage you to plan your budget so you can have a dedicated team working on your project after launch (this could be in reduced capacity). This option gives you confidence that the team monitors how the project behaves in the real world and acts quickly based on the data from the field.

Also, to create a successful product, you should iterate it based on the usage analytics – your users know best what they need.

Back in 2014 we made our first production real-time chat using WebSockets.

Since then, we have moved on to ejabberd XMPP which has excellent support, both on the server and client side, making development and creating features like ‘seen’, ‘delivered’ and similar functionalities quicker and simpler.

But we don’t just use that. When working on the Fling app we actually worked directly with ProcessOne, the awesome guys who created ejabberd. They took care of the server side, while we in DECODE handled the client side. Later we also worked with Erlang Solutions XMPP platform MongooseIM and some other proprietary technologies.

As far as third-party services are concerned (where there isn’t so much room for hard-core modification) we have tried out TokBox, Twilio and Bandwidth, and used Sinch (a tool from the same category which also offers audio and video communication).

Our developers’ knowledge is at an advanced level. By working with a lot of teams on many different projects, we have got to know the widest variety of architectures and have seen the majority of patterns.

This means stepping in and getting familiar with your existing project won’t pose a problem.

We have also been engaged in some big carrier-grade projects for Tier-1 telecom operators and mobile banking solutions where we had to refactor the codebase and still keep the product free of regressions.

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