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As a mobile app development partner, we help big enterprises and agile startups in finance industry to create top-notch mobile app solutions for their financial services.

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Mobile banking apps

Mobile banking apps

You can rely on us to build a bespoke mobile banking solution with a mobile wallet, mobile security token and currency exchange, along with card, receipts and payments management, as well as PSD2 support.

Stock Trading apps v2

Stock trading apps

If you want a new stock trading app like Robinhood or eToro, we can help you develop next-generation tech, adding social capabilities if you need them.

Mobile Payment solutions

Mobile payment solutions

We’ve helped build point of sale apps, tools that track everything from sales and taxes to top-purchasing customers, and even fiscalization modules for European apps.

Working with DECODE is a pleasure. Their expertise on iOS and Android is excellent and as well as working well with my team they’ve also presented workshops on mobile development to help train up my less experienced engineers.
Richard Underwood
Director of Engineering at Metaswitch →

Realize success with your fintech app

In many ways, building a fintech app isn’t that different from any other app. There are just a few key steps that you need to consider.


Find Your Niche Market

Fintech is such a broad field that there are more than a dozen subsets you can consider. Hence, your first decision is to sift through the clutter and pick which niche you’d like to focus on. Start with asking the big question: what’s the problem of people in this niche that my fintech app is trying to solve? 


Check Legal Requirements

Complying with all legal requirements and financial laws is one of the key differences between developing a fintech app and any other type of software. Compliance should be your top priority because disregarding it can single-handedly bring your entire fintech operation to its knees. 


Choose the Right Technology

Using the wrong platform, programming language, or third-party tool can negatively impact your app’s security, scalability, and even performance.

How you pick your technology stack will depend on several factors, but it all comes down to your project’s scope and goals:

  • What features will it have? 
  • What level of security does it need? 
  • How many concurrent users are you expecting it to have? 

As financial app development experts, we will help you set up the most suitable technology stack.


Ensure Infrastructural Security

Protection of the entire infrastructure, from the back-end server to the network hosting it, must be prioritized at all costs. Ensuring infrastructural security involves a combination of robust cybersecurity solutions and strict protocols.


Test Your App

Like with any other mobile app, a thorough software testing regimen on your fintech app is crucial. In a mission-critical industry like finance, even a tiny bug can lead to millions of dollars in losses and lawsuits. The testing techniques you’ll use with fintech apps will be roughly the same with other software projects, albeit understandably much more thorough and intense.


We’ve loved working with many fantastic companies, and are really proud of what we’ve achieved together.

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Hospitality mobile payment platform

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Mobile banking

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Working on several successful projects together, DECODE developers have become a valuable part of our team, supporting us in our mission of delivering top-quality mobile banking solutions to our customers.
Slavko Znidaric
Mobile solutions manager at Asseco SEE →

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