All-platform trading and investment app

We’ve helped our client upgrade their commission-free stock trading and investment app. By developing new features, improving the UI/UX, and boosting security, we ensured the app stays ahead in the EU online stock trading market.


Short summary


Financial services




2021- ongoing


Web development

Mobile development

Quality assurance


Android – Kotlin

Web – Angular

Our client is an EU neobroker that specializes in commission-free CFD trading or real stocks and ETFs investing via their mobile app while providing an exclusive curated trading service and expert analysis.

The challenge

How to stay ahead in a cut-throat market like stock trading?
That’s what our client was after when they approached us to help them with their app.

  • monolithic code
  • UI in need of a makeover
  • new features needed
  • boosting security
  • improving the dashboard

The solution

Our experience and expertise in building fintech apps helped us bring out the best in our client’s app.

Together, we improved different areas of the platform:

  • market watch
  • curated trading
  • portfolio
  • investment products

With a team of Android, web and QA experts we improved the existing mobile and web app and added new features along the way.

Through an agile collaboration, we held daily and weekly stand-up meetings making sure the project is heading in the right direction.

nextmarkets 2

Our impact

Code transfer

The most impactful thing was transferring the code from Rx Java to Kotlin Coroutines. Making it easy to read and maintain.

Improving and adding new features

One of the main features we worked on was the deposit rates and withdrawals. It greatly facilitated transfers within the EU for different currencies. Also, we added a feature that automates uploading personal information. Not only did it enhance the UX but was a cost-effective solution as well.

UI/UX improvements

Design is also a big part of great UX. We did a redesign of the deal tickets feature. It included the redesign of the trading screen and building a feature that enables the user to enter price, quantity, and other product parameters.

Security improvements

When it came to security, we strengthened the app with biometrics. Avoiding security issues up front can save development time and ensures a better product.

Quality assurance

The QA experts also successfully do their part of the job – daily automated testing and regression testing minimize those pesky bugs. 

Team and tech stack

We joined our client’s in-house development team and formed an Android team: 2 senior android developers and 1 QA expert.

6 months later, our team grew – our 3 web developers took on the web version of the app.

We’re engineers so it’s not surprising we know how to get the most out of digital tools. Here’s a snapshot of what we use and why:

Angular full color logo 1


Angular is a framework we’re very familiar with, and a particularly good choice if you’re aiming to build a robust fintech app.



We enjoy using Kotlin coroutines for developing our android apps.



Farms help us improve quality by testing across an extensive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices.



This allows us to establish connection to mobile devices using WebDriver protocol.



Providing full-duplex communication channels over a single TCP connection.

Jira logo


Jira is a robust tool for project management, and after using it for a long time, we know it inside out.

nextmarkets 3


Together we created a stock exchange and trading platform that helps private investors to operate in a sustainable and better-educated manner.

Here are the results of our collaboration:

New version of the app is greatly improved.

Boosted security.

Better UI.

User-friendly new features.

But our job is not yet done. More features are on the way and our QAs are doing daily app maintenance. 

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