Is your contact list up to date?

Contacts411 is a productivity mobile app for individuals, sales people and small businesses to help them find, update & verify contacts. It gathers high-quality triple verified information on U.S. consumer and business contacts from over 13,000 verified, available data sources. DECODE is making sure that your contact list stays up-to-date and, most importantly, private.

The challenge

Keeping contact data current is a daily challenge given how often people move and or change jobs. It is estimated that on average 10% of the US population moves every year and over 30% of individuals change jobs annually. Contacts411 provides users with an easy to use system that leverages extensive reference database assets that integrates directly with iOS and updates both personal and business data efficiently and cost effectively while keeping the user’s address books private.

The solution

Having extensive experience in developing communication & productivity apps, the DECODEs iOS team was hired to develop new features, update and maintain the existing codebase, and later to implement a new UX/UI for the mobile app. Specifically, this included working on a mobile application using React Native, a backend system written in Node.js, creating and maintaining the Contacts411 website, and taking care of the AWS  infrastructure. Further, DECODE worked on integrating new data provider API’s and creating complex algorithms for data filtering and decision making processes.

The app is continuously improved with new features and updates to make it absolutely reliable and secure. Seamlessly integrated with the iOS address book, with a single touch users can add new contact information to their address book or call, text, email, map the address, and merge duplicate contacts into one.

They brought in the expertise in the area of mobile application architecture, automated deployment & testing, introducing new development paradigms and workflows.

Karen Sallick
CEO at Contacts411