Quantum-powered security

Our long-term client Qrypt needed a web portal for their quantum-generated encryption services. Have a look at how we made it happen.

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Quantum security




2021- ongoing

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Based in the US, Qrypt offers quantum security as a service, specializing in unbreakable one-time pad encryption, generation of quantum random numbers and creating security keys without transmission.

The challenge

Qrypt offers quantum encryption services which needed to be presented to their users intuitively and accurately.

They needed:

  • Microservices instead of a monolithic architecture
  • Features to represent true user usage of entropy
  • Intuitive user journeys for easy usage

The solution

Using our frontend and backend expertise, along with our rigorous quality assurance, we created an intuitive web portal that is accessible, and easy to use.

Additionally, the portal offers services to generate identical keys at multiple endpoints easily integrated to applications and infrastructures to make them quantum-secure.

Let’s get into more detail.

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Our impact

Building software architecture

We built the portal from the ground up, setting up microservices and databases in order to create stable foundations for us to build on further.

Numerous features

Churning out quality features on a weekly basis became a regular occurence for us.

Notable features such as: data filtering, data analytics, entropy graphs, and billing plans have all been made possible by our capable engineers.

UI/UX improvements

While we didn’t make the initial design, we made all of the additional UI/UX improvements.

We made the user journey more intuitive, leading the user through the portal more logically. We also improved the UX writing of the app, which made it easier to use.


One of the more challenging aspects of creating this product was to make it more accessible to people with disabilities. Using all of the best practices of accessible design we made many small changes which resulted in a fully accessible product.

Quality assurance

Our QA expert made sure the test coverage was as high as possible using 4 testing phases: Feature testing, regression testing, user acceptance tests and automated end-to-end tests.

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automated tests

Tech stack

We’re engineers so it’s not surprising we know how to get the most out of digital tools. Here’s a snapshot of what we use and why:
react logo

React for web

React is a great language to build web apps due to its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, unidirectional data flow, active community, and cross-platform compatibility.

Python logo

Python for backend

In order to build Qrypt’s robust backend foundation we opted for Python to get the job done. Simplicity, ease of use, large community, and a wide range of web frameworks are just some of his benefits.

azure devops 3628645 3029870

Azure DevOps for collaboration

Azure DevOps is a robust tool for managing software development projects, including source control, build and release management, testing, and project management, and after using it for a long time, we know it inside out.

selenium logo A1B53CEFB0 seeklogo

Selenium for web automated testing

Selenium is a great automated testing tool due to its ability to simulate user interactions with web browsers, allowing for comprehensive and efficient testing of web applications.

Salesforce.com logo

SalesForce for customer support

We utilized SalesForce to analyze and resolve user support tickets.

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Sauce Labs for testing farms

Farms help us improve quality by testing across an extensive range of desktop browsers and real mobile devices.

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We developed a multifunctional portal with a variety of features enabling users to manage their entropy generation safely – getting instant access to permanent protection.

Here’s what we made through our collaboration with Qrypt (so far).

  • A complete and stable web portal
  • Distributing quantum-secure encryption
  • Storing encrypted files
  • Tailor-made custom plans
  • multiple subscription choices
  • Support for organizations
  • Multi-Tenancy: Support for organizations

Our work doesn’t stop here, with more features being planned and added in order to provide the best possible security to our users.

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