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3 months


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2 full-stack engineers

Our client seeks to help high schools guide their students to find ideal education paths. One of the ways to do that was through an intuitive yearly quiz assessing student interests.

The challenge

As the quiz would be a part of a larger education app we’ve had to find a way to seamlessly integrate it.

Also, making the quiz easy to use for students, while still being informative to teachers was the key to finding the right answers for each student.

On top of that, there were only a few months until the start of the new school year when students would have to take the quiz. So time was a crucial component.

The solution

Our tech team assessed the current situation of the app and the best ways to integrate a new large feature such as a quiz, while also making sure the admin team administering the questions had a clean UI and all the tools necessary to create the right questions.

education app for students
calculating results of the quiz

Our impact

Student referral program

The most significant part of our job was to create the student referral program.

It is a quiz that helps teachers understand students’ interests, desired career paths, likes, and dislikes.

After the student takes the test, a calculation is made, giving teachers a curriculum suggestion which they would later go over with the students.

Admin panel

We’ve improved the admin panel for the client where they could easily add questions to the quiz and add different calculation parameters.

React & Laravel integration

As the current system was built with Laravel and we’ve decided to build the quiz with React, it was a challenge to combine the two.

A challenge we successfully solved, leading to a seamless integration.

student referral program
a quiz that helps teachers understand students’ interests, desired career paths, likes, and dislikes.

How we got there

Over the course of three months, two of our full-stack engineers were fully focused on helping the client shape their vision into reality.

Through daily stand-ups and constant collaboration, we’ve created multiple product iterations until both we and the client were satisfied with the result. Although the deadline loomed over the team, their experience and skill helped them keep cool heads and deliver results.

The duo frequently communicated with the client to ensure everyone was on the same page, which resulted in executing the project perfectly.

Fintech product discovery
engineers working on edtech app


We’ve taken the client’s app to the next level with the interactive quiz and the expansion of their existing platform.

When the first day of school rolled by, multiple classes took the quiz at the same time. These were the results:




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