Bringing Travel & Tech together for no other than Croatian National Tourist Board

12 mobile apps for 12 towns in the most popular part of Croatia. That’s what and the Sibenik-Knin County Tourist Board asked DECODE to develop when we were chosen as their software development partner—and we were more than happy to deliver.

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6 months

One app to rule them all, 11 more to cover everything

The challenge

One app was meant to cover the whole county of Šibenik-Knin and other 11 the most popular towns in the area. Each app needed to reflect the unique place it represented, but also have a common factor that connects them all.

The solution

On our side that was the common codebase we used to develop 12 awesome apps, and we got an amazing artist, 7robots, to create a common visual identity through his illustrations.

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DECODE is a dedicated team

How we set up our team and tools when we start working with a software company

This blog will describe which tools, processes, and practices we use here at DECODE, and how we approach new projects.


Useful locations, major events, virtual tours… This set of free apps contains everything a visitor needs for an unforgettable stay, and they don’t need to fret about roaming charges—everything works offline as well.

But aside from making lives easier for the tourists, we at DECODE aimed to make the experience better for the home team to boot. The travel board got their central administrator panel where they can easily add new content and manage information, making the whole process way better, faster and more enjoyable.

And that’s what TravelTech is all about, isn’t it?

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