Quantum-cryptography powered communication

DECODE partnered with Qrypt to create a software package that would effectively showcase their leading cryptographic and secure communications technology, while appealing to end users with an enterprise-grade UX.

Quantum-cryptography-powered communication

Short summary


Computer & Network Security


New York, US


2020 – 2021

Qrypt is a New York City tech vendor specializing in quantum cryptography and leading edge cybersecurity. Their encryption solutions protect data from the threat of quantum computers, and other cyberthreats that are yet to be invented.

The challenge

Qrypt reached out to DECODE to create a collection of mobile and desktop applications that could effectively utilize their state-of-the-art cryptographic technology and secure communication platform.

It was vital that the apps both showcased the breadth of their technology while appealing to end users with enterprise-grade usability and features.

The solution

In order to execute this project, we worked together as a joint scrum team.

Qrypt assumed the role of product owner and scrum master, while handling the UI/UX design. DECODE provided software development and quality assurance, including CI/CD, test automation, and manual testing.

The project was carried out in Microsoft’s development environment—using Teams for communication, Azure DevOps for collaboration and App Center as a CI/CD platform.

On top of automated unit tests, CI pipes also included automated UI tests written in Appium & Behave frameworks and run on SouceLabs’ test device farms. For the desktop app, we used Spectron and Jest as our testing frameworks.

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We produced applications for 4 different platforms, native mobile apps for iOS and Android, and desktop applications to enable real-time communications capabilities like live chat, file sharing, audio and video calls.

The mobile applications were native, using Kotlin and Swift respectively, while the desktop version was an Electron app based on React javascript framework.

I am continually impressed by the level of pride and ownership that DECODE takes in the work they perform for us. They treat our products as if they are their own, which translates into better user experiences for our customers.
Kenneth Huebsch
Software Engineering Manager at Qrypt →
qrypt app
qrypt application

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