Flutter HVAC monitoring app 

Let’s say you’ve got a warehouse. It needs ventilation, heating, air conditioning, etc. You need to monitor all of these devices. But how? Well, what about a mobile app? 








2020- 2021


Mobile app development

UX/UI design

Quality assurance




Flutter engineer

UX/UI designer

QA engineer

We’ve created the app to help facility managers monitor all HVAC devices they’ve installed. They can manage devices in different locations, set triggers for alarms, and react to problems on time. The app made it easy to have everything in control wherever they go.

The challenge

The client had a web app with all features already in place.

The key was to translate all of that into a mobile app.

So that’s exactly what we did.

The solution

We decided that Flutter was the answer, as it provides a cost-efficient way to build an app both for iOS and Android platforms.

So we’ve assembled the team, laid out our plan, and got to work.

Take a look at what we did:

koer 1

Our impact

Numerous features

That includes:

  • Alarms for different devices, for example low fuel
  • Device overview, the user can see important values such as CO2 levels
  • Alarm resolution
  • Management of devices on different locations
  • In-app notifications

UX/UI design

We’ve made the app completely from scratch. The first goal was to create the user flow and prototype of the app. There were loads of screens that we had to connect logically so the user could have the most intuitive experience possible.

Quality assurance

Apps that control thousands of dollars of equipment have to work flawlessly. We’ve combined manual and automated testing to do just that.

Maintenance & growth

The work doesn’t stop with the MVP. Whenever we need to implement new features, or solve bugs, we’re there for the client.

koer app
koer mobile app

Tech stack


Flutter for cross-platform development

One cross-platform Flutter app can do the job of two native iOS and Android apps. That’s why we chose to use it for this project.


Figma for UX/UI design

Our tool of choice for UX/UI design and so much more. We hold workshops in FigJam, and use Figma for prototyping and collaboration with clients and colleagues.

kvac mobile app


Here’s what we’ve accomplished:

  • A successful launch of a Flutter MVP
  • Further versions based on feedback
  • A intutively designed product

We’re also always on standby if the client needs new features or if issues need to be resolved.

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