Innovating the hospitality industry from top to bottom

To face the challenges of the modern age in the hospitality industry, our mobile development team joined forces with London’s most passionate SaaS company Bizzon (ex AgentCash). Together we developed iOS and Android applications which create seamless ordering & payment process experiences, and facilitate operations management solutions for hotels and restaurants.

Creating sector-defining tech

Taking care of incoming orders, payments, newly arriving guests, meal status updates, inventory & purchasing, etc. as well as the growing demand to digitize every point of contact with your brand, puts considerable pressure on employees and business owners. The main drive behind creating comprehensive mobile solutions that will make life easier for your staff, and make your guests want to come back, is Bizzon’s passion and understanding of real challenges in hospitality, and DECODE’s enthusiasm for mobile development.

Goals and challenges

One of the project’s main goals was to add receipt fiscalisation and printing capabilities to the platform by the means of a mobile application, turning the phone/tablet into a POS device aimed at restaurants.

The application is a native iOS and Android app. We also needed to develop drivers for low-level communication with fiscal modules and printers. These needed to be adjusted and tweaked for various national regulations, and for different hardware manufacturers. Our good track record of hardware-related projects was the key for the successful implementation.

Bringing the user experience to a higher level

Aligning different departments and automating daily processes enabled hotels and restaurants to focus on the most important part of their business, to personalize the customer experience. The all-around solution included: ordering and payments, table management, reporting, inventory & purchasing, hotel management, restaurant management, and cafe management.

We were impressed by DECODE’s technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of mobile app development. Over time we also got to know them as a reliable partner, the one that delivers and is transparent in their communication. Their staff showed broader engineering skills, beyond just “mere” software development, like an analytical approach, diligent troubleshooting, and the willingness to learn fast.

Tonči Damjanić
CTO at Bizzon