From the DECODE perspective: 3 great things about 2020

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December 8, 2020

How to describe 2020? The answer would be – as a year that was full of uncertainty and challenges, but also the year from which we learnt a lot.

Although dynamic and lively environment has always been very well-known to us, we faced some unfamiliar circumstances this year.

Despite all of the crazy moments that happened this year, 2020 will be remembered not only as a tough year but as a year that has also opened some opportunities for us.

So, let’s start from the beginning. We finished 2019 with really big expectations for 2020.

In 2019 we had a 50% revenue growth in comparison to the previous year and we hired 16 new DECODErs.

Not bad, right?

Our great performance continued through the first quarter of 2020 when the year suddenly took a sharp turn – Covid 19, lockdown, earthquake in Zagreb, the economy’s crash, closed borders, cost cutting, revenue decreasing, etc…It was hard to stay fully optimistic. 

Nevertheless, we decided to accept the situation and go forward. We truly believed that every situation, no matter how hard it was, can open new opportunities if we look close enough – actually, those opportunities came and thankfully we recognized them just in time. 

 Here are 3 opportunities that we cashed in on this year:

1. DECODE got a bigger office

Our old-new office spreads over 500 square meters in Zagreb business center. 

During the lockdown in March we started to renovate our office. We expanded our office space, but our recognizable colors and style remained the same.

Considering the previous year, we wanted to ensure a bigger space for our current employees, but also we had a vision to fulfill it with new members of the DECODE and Shake teams.

While planning the renovation we had the most important things developers need while working in mind – silence, open space, the newest equipment and a modern environment.

Although our employees enjoyed working remotely from time to time, now they are more likely to work from the office.

DECODE 2020 1 1

2. DECODE got more DECODErs

After the inescapable reduction in the number of employees and stagnation during Q2 and Q3, the number of our employees started to grow in Q4.

Perhaps it sounds like it all happened suddenly but the reality is a bit different. DECODE has put a lot of effort into the improvement of existing processes, implementing new ones, taking new initiatives within the company and searching for new opportunities.

It was hard and unpredictable, but in the end, we came out of that period with a more than a satisfactory result.

The number of our DECODErs has grown during the covid-19 crisis and at the end of 2020 it will have grown even more. We have continued to work with most of our clients but have also started a cooperation with new ones.

Our plan is to employ even more talented and skilled people, so feel free to check our Career Page from time to time.

Moreover, we’ve taken a few steps forward with our startup Shake by implementing new features, getting new users and making Shake’s team even bigger.

DECODE Employee Statistic 2020 1

3. DECODE got an experience for life

We’ve learnt that it is really important to make big plans but also be ready to adjust them depending on the situation.

As we mentioned earlier, we had big plans for 2020 at the end of 2019. Today, when we look back, we are not disappointed or unsatisfied at all.

Even though our plans changed a lot during the previous months, our ability to react instantly and accept the things we don’t have the power to change has brought us great results in the end.

From our experience, here are a few tips about how to deal with unpredictable situations:

  • Make your long-term strategies based on short-term ones.
  • Mistakes are made to teach us something.
  • Keep your eyes wide open and look for opportunities, when they arise don’t be afraid to take a risk.
  • Trust your instincts and challenge yourself.
  • Always invest in your education.

DECODE in 2021

First of all, we expect a lot of uncertainty and external effects that we probably won’t be able to control or prevent in 2021. However, 2020 has given us the necessary experience and prepared us for everything that may come.

During 2020, we’ve worked to build the best team of experts and have created a safe environment for them to work in. In 2021 our team will be the biggest ever and our main goal will be to moderate the huge potential, steering them in the right direction.

In 2021 DECODE plans to continue to invest in the skills and knowledge of its employees, in processes and initiatives that will make us all together stronger and give us the possibility to grow personally along with professionally. 


This year has changed our lives. We walk around with masks on our faces, we do not shake hands, and we certainly do not know how long this so-called “new normal” will last.

It has not been easy to accept those facts, but on the other hand, this year has given us a chance to escape our comfort zone.

We learnt that it is really important to make plans but it’s also important to be able to quickly react to changes. Maybe we haven’t been able to achieve all the goals we set for ourselves but we’ve tried hard to make the best of every moment.

In the end we would like to say that we are still looking for talented experts who are eager to join our team and share our values. Take a chance, show us your skills and become a part of DECODE’s story. We are looking forward to meeting you. 

Written by

Rea Barabas

Head of People Operations

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