5 Benefits of becoming a DECODEr

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July 3, 2020

Hey! As a new employee in DECODE, I would like to share my impressions of this company. I have been here only since March 2020 and I have already found DECODE as a great place to work in. 

Let’s be honest – a lot of us would like to have more than just a competitive salary and a good position within the company. We like to be awarded somehow for the effort we make in daily work. At DECODE, there is a lot we expect from our employees, but we give even more in return. As a DECODEr, I can tell you at least 5 reasons why all of us feel great in our working environment every single day.

1. The best team

In my opinion, this is one of the top things you should put on your list when you are looking for a new job. We spend most of the day at work, so it is really important to like people you work with.

At the moment, DECODE employs almost 40 people. That is a lot of different personalities, but we have found our way to get along with each other. We believe that everything starts with the individual, so each of us has individually accepted the way we act according to our company’s values at work.

  • We take responsibility for every single project or task we take.
  • We care about our clients, partners, suppliers, about our work, and each other. 
  • We act transparently in everyday communication – we know how to say sorry or ask for help.
  • We strive for excellence by continuously learning and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone.

2. Possibility for personal and professional growth

Once you enter into DECODE, the speed of your progress is up to you. You will get a lot of opportunities to grow, all you have to do is recognize and take them. Every day at work we challenge ourselves and we want you to do the same. We push ourselves to think ‘’outside the box“ in order to find the best solution for every challenge that has been put in front of us.

We have a really smart and skilled crew over here. When you decide to join us, you’ll get a mentor who will help you with everything you need for a smooth start. Take your chance and learn from experts in many fields – iOS, Android, React-Native, web, and QA.

As the cherry on top, we left the greatest benefit for your personal and business growth last. Every three months our employees have individual 1-on-1 talks with DECODE’s co-founder, in which they get to talk about their career development. That is a really amazing opportunity to say everything that is on your mind, as well as examine yourself and your work.

3. Remote days

Everyone at DECODE knew how it feels working remotely once in a while. Something that no one didn’t know is that we are perfectly able to work remotely all together.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us were forced to work from home, like many other companies all over the world.  Since DECODE has realized the strength of its company’s ethics, they decided to give their employees the possibility to regularly work from home a half a month during the year.

Once you become a DECODEr, you get 24 remote days and the longer you stay with us, the number of remote days grows. Hence, after two years you will be able to work remotely one day in a week during the whole year.

We know you have a life outside of work and with remote days it will be easier for you to coordinate your private and business life.

4. Modern and fully equipped office

People in DECODE have always liked their office, but now they like it even more! It’s much bigger, brighter, sunnier and more fun. We have a spacey office with a huge lounge for meetings and hang-outs.

Furthermore, we got a much bigger kitchen where we like to eat and drink coffee together. If you don’t like to sit in one place all day, no problem, just choose the most comfortable sofa and enjoy your work. Our new spacy lounge now is a perfect place for birthday gatherings, big meetings that we held every second Friday of DECODE’s Christmas parties.

DECODE Office 1

5. At least 365 cups of coffee a year.

If you are a coffee lover, there is one more reason for you to join us and become a new member of the DECODE bar ?. Most of us just love to drink a coffee: in the morning, during meetings or breaks, in the afternoon, or at the end of the working day. One can say we are coffee addicts – that is true and we are not ashamed of it! Our coffee machine has its special spot in our modern kitchen, you can’t miss it. Your cup of great fresh coffee is waiting for you.


As I said at the beginning there are many benefits of becoming a DECODEr but we invite you to explore them on your own. Don’t be passive and wait for us to invite you, we like proactivity and open communication. Since we take on new projects we will be happy to expand our team so send us your CV and tell us what the benefits of hiring you would be.

Written by

Rea Barabas

Head of People Operations

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