Behind the development scene: non-tech roles at DECODE

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February 11, 2021

Company = employee, Technology company = developer

When you think of the IT industry, developers or engineers are the first roles that come to mind. For sure, these people have pretty strong technical backgrounds. But, the reality is that tech-companies also need a lot of employees from other fields in order to keep their business running successfully. Developers are indeed the ones who take on the projects, but there is still a whole chain of people who do the most important part – connecting developers and projects in the first place. So, just this time, we’ll leave developers aside for a bit.

Tech vs. non-tech roles being advertised by IT companies 

tech vs non tech roles
Source: Glassdoor Economic Research

Research made by Glassdoor in 2018 showed that 43% of roles advertised by tech companies were non-tech. This really shows that people skilled in different fields can fit perfectly into one IT company.

Non-tech within the tech

If we take a look at the last two years, the number of non-tech people in DECODE has increased rapidly. Since 2019, we have hired six people who do things that don’t have much in common with engineering. Also, if we count our co-founders (they are all qualified in Electrical Engineering and Computing) into these stats, 19% of our team are working on non-tech roles. As the company continues to grow, we will need even more people in these positions.

Connecting the two sides – exceptional people and challenging projects

Our main purpose is to empower exceptional people to do impactful things for our world-class clients. We have some pretty skilled people to do the tricky work of connecting these two parts. Let us introduce you to the teams they are working in.  

The Business Development team is in charge of bringing exciting projects to the company. Their contribution is extremely important as, without them, there wouldn’t be any projects for our developers to work on. Close and successful cooperation within the team is crucial for achieving the company’s goals. The team are focused on boosting brand awareness and representing DECODE as it is – a reliable and skilled partner in developing amazing mobile apps and software solutions.

DECODE team tech vs non tech roles 1

On the other side, we have the HR and Employer Branding team whose main goal is to bring the best people into the company. Their task is to represent the values and norms of our company to existing and potential employees and to recognize the right candidate who will be the perfect fit. When such people have been found, our mission is to make them satisfied and happy.

Finally, we come to our administration department. These are the people who know every corner of DECODE. They work away behind the scenes, quietly making sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. As the company grows their scope for action is getting bigger. Just for an example – imagine all the equipment that must be bought, distributed, and maintained. Now imagine all the bills that must be paid, collected, printed, stored, and shown in our financial statements as the basis for future projections. It doesn’t seem to be something that just anyone could do, right?

It is important to keep up-to-date with the demands of the market, so we are continuously updating our processes, re-thinking them, and trying our best to bring solutions for our clients and employees.

Now, which role is more important?

Well, this is a hard question and we are not sure if there is a right answer. IT companies primarily focus on hiring skilled developers. It is as clear as a sunny day that, if we have a challenging project, we will need even more capable developers to work on it. However, if we don’t have skilled and dedicated people working to secure projects and administer the business, this couldn’t work as smoothly as it does. It’s a kind of ‘chicken and egg’ situation.

In conclusion, no IT company can be sustainable without skilled and experienced people in the non-tech roles. Yes, our focus is primarily on developers but we never underestimate the importance of the people who keep the other aspects of the business running smoothly.

DECODErs thank you all for your contribution in recent years, now let us grab some new and amazing opportunities together!

Written by

Rea Barabas

Head of People Operations

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