A real-time messaging app with 6 million downloads and 50 billion messages exchanged

When we started developing Fling’s iPhone and Android apps in 2014, little did we know that they will go on to win over 6 million users, launching DECODE into the world of most advanced real-time communication technologies.

The basic idea behind the app was to shake up the idea of social networking—messages flinged on it weren’t sent to your friends, but to complete strangers around the globe. It took about a blink of an eye for the app to scale from a concept to a platform handling more than 100 signups per minute and 6 000 000 messages each day.

Hacking real-time communication

Back then, the users loved the app so much they kept flinging messages, and they expected them to fly over the globe and get responses in a split second. To achieve that, we worked directly with ProcessOne—the team that created ejabberd—and then we went ahead to create custom XMPP extensions, as nothing on the market catered to the speed and volume we were handling.

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It is hard to speak of DECODE without a beaming smile. Their commitment, drive, high quality bar, familiarity with the latest standards and tools, and all around friendly company culture makes working with them a complete joy. They have been with us in our earliest, most trying, and most prosperous times and are integral to our success both today and into the future! When doing battle as a startup, you want them on your side!

Jonathan Micklos
Software development manager at Amazon, technology business analyst at JPMorgan Chase and former CTO of Fling

In the meantime, Fling ran out of funding and the app is no longer available for download. The hot skills we got in real-time communication technologies from supporting this project as app developers for two and a half years?

That remains rock solid.

It’s hard to think about that experience without a beaming smile, and the feeling is obviously mutual.