Business Card Scanner App

Connecta is a self-updating contact and selective information give-out. It lets you structure your information and choose what you will share with private and business contacts. Sharing of digital business cards in the offline world is powered by Connecta.

Individual Card Type

There is information you like to share with your private contacts, and on the other hand, there is information you would like to share with clients. Connecta app collects all your data in one place while making it possible to structure it in different card types. User can quickly create custom business cards for different business needs while deciding how much he wants to share and making it easy to update.

Connecta provides you with a unique code that can be styled differently on a variety of business materials. It connects the online with the offline and makes it easy to save business cards, one click at a time.

Invite, Print & Share

The app allows you to invite your current contacts, encouraging them to create their cloud business cards and exchange their data with you. It also includes a Share/Get Cards function that comes in handy when meeting potential clients at events. You can choose how you will share your card, by e-mail, by scanning the QR code, or by typing in a unique, easily memorable code.