When you are a public listed FinTech company, you are picky about your software partners

Asseco SEE is one of the leading European software providers in the FinTech industry. Their solutions are at the top of the game, worldwide. Just as an example, from 478 companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2017, Asseco SEE received an award as the 3rd most prospective company. And just so it happens, they also handpicked DECODE as a partner on their mobile app development project.

FinTech allows no room for mistakes

Of course, from the get go we were highly aware that working in this sector means that the stakes are high. We had our iOS and Android teams join forces with the Asseco SEE in-house team for a year to build a bespoke mobile banking solution with a mobile wallet, mobile security token, currency exchange, and card, receipts and payments management as well as the Payment Services Directive PSD2.

Mobile wallet
Mobile security token
Card management
Currency exchange
Receipts management
Payments managemen

Latest technologies, two top-notch teams working together and years of experience from both sides—the collaboration could only be a great success, which it is as from the feedback from banks customers. The collaboration continues to this day, and who knows how many more projects await!

Working on several successful projects together, Decode developers have become a valuable part of our team, supporting us in our mission of delivering top quality mobile banking solutions to our customers.

Slavko Žnidarić
Mobile solutions manager, Asseco SEE