Clutch recognizes DECODE as top Croatian development firm for 2019

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November 18, 2019

We must admit, 2019 was a great year for DECODE and the recognition “Clutch’s best Croatian companies 2019” in the development category,from the leading Washington-based B2B platform Clutch, is the cherry on top. 

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews firm dedicated to connecting prospective buyers with the best firms to help them achieve their goals. 

Croatian IT industry

Croatian IT industry is continuously growing and developing, some sources speculate that it’s about 10% every year. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce provides valuable information about the IT industry in Croatia. According to their research, in 2017 there were 4.649 IT firms registered with over 28 thousand employees, a significant increase in employees is seen consecutively every year.

Our country has become a favorite place for B2B services among leading companies around the world. The latest research showed that the export of computer services reached 3.63 billion HRK. There are plenty of great companies who develop high-quality Android and iOS applications, to be among top mobile development firms in the current competitive market makes us very proud. Find more information about the Croatian IT industry on this link (in Croatian only).

Our team is our strength

DECODE is a team of highly skilled engineers with years of experience in telco, fintech, IoT, and other domains of software. We add value to our partnerships by providing creativity and engineering expertise. Always seeking to be a reliable long-term partner for top software companies. 

Our team has been able to create iOS and Android Apps for a wide variety of client needs including communication, travel, and banking. We have a strong presence in demanding markets such as the USA and Western Europe. Solving highly sophisticated problems of the world’s leading software players became the daily routine for our team members.

top 20

Continuously growing

To more than double the number of employees in less than a year was a challenge and pleasure at the same time. To have satisfied employees who stay long term in our company is, next to Clutch, the best reward we can ever get and a guarantee to our clients that we will deliver expertise and high quality code in the long run.

In addition to our profile on Clutch, we are also featured on the Clutch sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The top developers in Croatia can be found on The Manifest’s industry list, as well as state of tech news and how to guides.

The entire team at DECODE is proud to be named a leader in Croatian development by Clutch. 

This means a lot to us, even more so because we’re currently significantly growing our business, hiring a lot of new stuff, expanding to new markets and taking on bigger and more challenging projects.

Marko Strizić, CEO at DECODE

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Silvija Gustec

Head of Marketing

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