DECODE is expanding to the Danish market

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September 18, 2019

In a strategic expansion to west European markets, DECODE has partnered up with Connecting Markets as an exclusive representative in Denmark.

DECODE’s expertise and international experience, combined with Connecting Markets’ reputation and market insight, present credibility, and reliability required to open new doors.

Danish ICT market

Danish ICT market is estimated at 35 billion USD, software making up for a big portion of it, with a focus on mobility. Denmark has a long tradition of innovation and quality, which also sets expectations very high for vendors entering that market.

These facts, coupled with the shortage of software talent, open an exciting opportunity for hi-quality software agencies like DECODE.

IT spending in Denmark by sectors

  • 25% Public sector
  • 15% Financial sector
  • 15% Manufacturing
  • 10% Retail & wholesale
  • 30% Sectors the remaining

Outsourcing as a cost-saving instrument will play an important role in the government’s, large enterprise’s and even small and medium-sized company’s growth. Furthermore, cyber security solution will gain a lot of attention in both public and private sektor of Denmark.

We, at Connecting Markets GmbH, are looking forward to working with DECODE in Denmark. Denmark is one of the most digitalized countries in the world and mobile solutions and app development are of huge importance and on the agenda in many businesses. We believe our network and companies in Denmark can benefit from DECODE’s competences, resources and experience in this area.
Camille Markussen

Interesting facts about Denmark

  • They have the oldest flag in the world.
  • You can never be more than 52 km from the sea.
  • Reported to be the happiest country in the world.
  • A nation of cyclists with over 467 km of “Cycle Superhighways”.
  • They won 13 Nobel prizes highest per capita allotment of prizes of any country!
DECODE is expanding to the Danish market

We believe partnership with Connecting Markets will bring us new interesting projects and connect us with established companies that are looking for high quality software products. This way, DECODE is not only building a strong local presence in Denmark but is also establishing a gateway to the rest of Nordics.

Marko Strizic, CEO at DECODE
Written by

Silvija Gustec

Head of Marketing

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