Get your time extra organized!

TimePrep.Me is an intelligent time management assistant for CFA® and SAT® exams. Our iOS team developed two universal (iPhone and iPad) native apps, one for each exam.

The well-known time management issue

We have all been through it. Organizing your time properly isn’t always the easiest task, having a handy app that supports you along the way can therefore be of great help. The TimePrep app was build to help you with your learning strategy and guide you through each day of studying.

The app made sure that you keep up with your studies. It calculated how much time you should spend on CFA/SAT daily and what particular tasks you should do in a day.

Main features

The app was equipped with features that kept you on your learning track. It generated a daily and weekly learning plan and provided the user with a large calendar that told them what to do and when to do it. Additionally, the app had a rescheduling system if the user couldn’t complete the task on time, it was able to sync with your iCloud calendar and also added free study and exam tips.


The main challenge while developing the app was to build a completely custom daily and weekly calendar for iPhone & iPad. An additional hurdle was to develop an algorithm that will schedule the learning plan to fuse into the user’s defined weekly routine. The algorithm had all the learning materials incorporated so it could exactly calculate which pages should be red or how many tasks need to be solved on a certain date.

We take much pride in the fact that we’re the partner of a prominent associate at TechStars London. Marko Srsan, the founder of StartApp LLC (the company behind TimePrep CFA® i TimePrep SAT® apps), has worked with us before and keeps coming back.

For me, DECODE represents quality and speed. Additionally, the guys were super transparent and easy to work with. Their passion and energy are beyond any expectation. Keep up the excellent work!

Marko Srsan
Founder of StartApp LLC