Air, rails or sea—Snowfall covers it all. DECODE covered them.

Many fast-paced industries rely on software to keep up with the demand, but few are so literally hard to catch up with as the transport industry.

TravelTech pros

Snowfall does an amazing job there, as one of the fastest growing TravelTech companies in Europe and North America, with offices in Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, Spain and the USA.

You may have heard of some of their clients:

In search of a mobile app development partner

When DECODE was invited to join that ride, we said yes. We spent five months with the Snowfall team when one of their mobile apps for Stockholm train network was in danger of being derailed, and we helped them put it back on track.


DECODE made an excellent job working with us on one of our most strategic projects with one of the biggest, most global clients within the industry. With great energy, great technical knowledge, very quick understanding of the situation and what was needed to be done, including the willingness to walk the extra mile, they were a big part of make this project so successful. True professionals and very good output with high quality and speed!

Christoffer Möller
COO of Snowfall