We successfully achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification

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June 29, 2022

Proud to announce we successfully achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification!

The threat to cyber security is ever-growing. That’s why it’s important to follow standardized and rigorous security procedures.

We constantly strived to protect the data our clients gave us but now we wanted to get proof.

So we implemented an information security management system and got the ISO/IEC 27001 certification from one of the most renowned certification houses – DNV and the top-tier accreditation bodies – UKAS. 

Here’s a bit more detail:

So, what is ISO/IEC 27001?

It’s an information security management system. This system manages regulations implemented by the company to ensure the following principles: 

  • Confidentiality
    Only those with clearance can have access to data.
  • Integrity
    It protects data accuracy and ensures that it’s complete.
  • Availability
    Cleared personnel has information readily available to them along with related assets.
  • Protection
    Ensures security against cyber threats and any type of fraud.

These principles cover all dimensions of security needed to ensure our clients’ data is safe while still maintaining the painless process of accessing the said data. 

Some of the security measures include physical protection, an empty desk policy, an acceptable property use policy, and protection against malicious code.

Why is security so important to us?

We pride ourselves on taking issues like security very seriously. If our clients have rigorous security measures, we want to match them at the very least. Here are a few reasons why we take it so seriously.

Reputation is our bread and butter. Being considered as an agency that takes its security seriously is one of our greatest achievements. That sort of reputation doesn’t come over night. We worked tirelessly to make sure we meet the highest security standards. And we’ll keep on doing that.

Integrity is one of the principles we at DECODE almost religiously adhere to. The integrity of both data and the character of our company. Giving our word to our clients, and promising their information would be safe are not just empty words. It’s a commitment of the utmost importance to us.

Client satisfaction means we do everything in our power to make the business we do with our clients as enjoyable as possible. That can’t happen if sensitive information has been leaked, or if malicious code has destroyed months worth of work. We won’t let that happen.

What does this mean for our clients?

Our clients can rest assured that their data is protected under globally standardized security of the highest quality.

DECODE becoming ISO/IEC 27001 certified means for our clients that we have done our security homework and that we’re committed to achieving the highest possible security standards that exist today.

The implemented protocols and systems will not in any way hinder our clients to do business with us, nor will it slow down our ability to create high-quality products.

On the contrary.

Having detailed security protocols in place means we can be agile and move quickly in the fast-paced environment of app development. That means we achieve our results on time and with less threat to both our and your security.

The most important aspect of this our clients should take note of is the fact that we are constantly looking to improve our security protocols. Or as Our CEO would put it:

We have never stopped looking for ways to improve our security, and we won’t stop now.

Marko Strizic, Founder and CEO of DECODE
Written by

Marin Luetic


A seasoned software engineering executive, Marin’s role combines his in-depth understanding of software engineering processes (particularly mobile) with product and business strategies. Humbly boasting 20+ years of international experience at the forefront of telecoms, Marin knows how to create and deliver state of the art software products to businesses of all sizes. Plus, his skills as a lifelong basketball player mean he can lead a team to victory. When he’s not hopping from meeting to meeting, you’ll find Marin listening to indie rock, or scouring the latest IT news.

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