75 mobile app ideas you should make in 2024

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November 20, 2023

As we step into 2024, the mobile app market presents endless opportunities for innovation.

If you’re thinking of creating a mobile app but aren’t sure what kind you should make, you came to the right place.

With that in mind, here are 75 top mobile app ideas you should consider making.

Let’s get into it!

Health and wellness apps

Mindfulness and meditation app

With the World Health Organization highlighting stress as a global health epidemic, mindfulness apps have seen a surge.

They offer a respite, with guided sessions and tracking features that help users cultivate a sense of calm and mindfulness.

Fitness journey app

Fitness apps are revolutionizing personal fitness.

For instance, apps like MyFitnessPal not only track workouts but also provide nutritional guidance, turning smartphones into personal trainers.

Fitness journey app

source: lifewire

Fitness apps have a huge market, as the global health and fitness app market is expected to reach $14.7 billion by 2026, driven by the growing trend of personalized fitness journeys.

Diet and Nutrition Tracker app

Apps like MyPlate and Yazio are making calorie counting and nutritional tracking simpler. They offer personalized meal plans and nutritional insights, making healthy eating more accessible.

Diet and nutrition tracker app

source: goodhousekeeping

Considering that 72% of adults consider healthy eating habits important, a diet and nutrition tracker app can effectively cater to a significant portion of the population focusing on healthy eating.

Sleep quality app

Sleep technology is on the rise. Apps like Calm and Sleep Cycle use sleep analysis algorithms to help users understand and improve their sleep patterns, proving essential for overall well-being.

A sleep improvement app addresses a critical need, given that 35% of adults don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep, highlighting a substantial market for sleep enhancement solutions.

Virtual health consultations app

Telemedicine apps have become a cornerstone of modern healthcare. With platforms like Teladoc, patients can receive medical consultation from the comfort of their homes, making healthcare more accessible.

Telemedicine is projected to be valued at $175.5 billion by 2026, making virtual health consultation apps a timely and necessary innovation in the healthcare sector.

Educational apps

Language learning app

Duolingo, a language learning app, boasts over 300 million users worldwide.

These apps make language learning engaging with gamified lessons and AI-driven personalized learning paths.


source: duolingo

A language learning app has a vast potential audience, as 72% of consumers spend most of their time on apps in their native language, indicating a significant demand for language learning solutions.

Interactive learning app for kids

Apps like ABCmouse and Khan Academy Kids offer interactive, educational content for children, blending fun with learning to keep young minds engaged and curious.

With the increasing emphasis on digital education, especially post-pandemic, an interactive learning app for kids taps into the burgeoning market of educational technology, which is expected to grow significantly.

Exam prep app

Apps like Quizlet have become indispensable for students, offering study tools and resources that cater to various learning styles and needs.

Developing an exam preparation app is essential as it caters to the needs of the vast student population globally, with e-learning projected to grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

Historical tours app

Augmented reality apps are transforming history education, offering virtual tours of historical sites, bringing history to life in an immersive way.

Historical tours app

source: stqry

An AR-based historical tour app taps into the growing trend of experiential learning, combining education and technology to enhance learning experiences in innovative ways.

Career development app

LinkedIn Learning and Coursera offer courses for professional skill development, catering to the need for continuous learning in the fast-evolving job market.

A career development app would be timely, as more and more millennials rate professional or career growth opportunities as important to them in a job.

Entertainment apps

Streaming service app

Netflix and Spotify exemplify the shift towards streaming services. They personalize entertainment experiences with algorithms that suggest content based on user preferences.

Streaming service app

source: cnet

Creating a streaming service app is lucrative, as the global video streaming market size is expected to reach $842.93 billion by 2027, indicating a high demand for digital entertainment.

Interactive storytelling app

Apps like Episode allow users to shape their own stories, offering a unique blend of reading and gaming that’s gaining popularity.

Interactive storytelling apps have a growing audience, especially among younger demographics who seek engaging, participative forms of storytelling.

Virtual concerts app

Platforms like MelodyVR offer virtual reality concerts, bringing live music experiences to users worldwide, redefining the concert experience.

Virtual concerts app

source: mobindustry

With the live music industry drastically affected by the pandemic, virtual concert apps offer an alternative, tapping into the $20.3 billion recorded music market.

Celebrity meet and greet app

Apps like Cameo bridge the gap between celebrities and fans, offering personalized video messages and virtual meet-and-greet experiences.

A celebrity meet and greet app can capitalize on the growing trend of virtual fan experiences, especially in the era of social distancing.

Movie recommendations app

IMDb and Letterboxd are popular for personalized movie recommendations, helping users discover films they love based on their viewing history and preferences.

Developing a movie recommendation app caters to a huge market of movie watchers, so you can’t go wrong there.

Lifestyle apps

Home decor planner app

IKEA Place and Houzz offer augmented reality tools for home design, allowing users to visualize furniture in their space before making a purchase.

Home decor planner app

source: DECOR

A home decor planner app is timely, as the global home decor market is expected to reach $838 billion by 2027, indicating a growing interest in home design and decor.

Fashion assistant app

Apps like Stitch Fix and Cladwell act as personal stylists, recommending outfits based on user style preferences and wardrobe.

With the global fashion market valued at $759.5 billion in 2021 and growing, a personal stylist app taps into the expansive and lucrative fashion industry.

Event planning app

Event planning apps like Eventbrite simplify the process of organizing events, offering tools for ticketing, invitations, and attendee management.

Event planning app

source: Medium – Bootcamp

An event planning app is essential in the post-pandemic world, as people resume social gatherings and events, indicating a recovering and growing event industry.

Digital journaling app

Apps like Day One offer digital journaling, combining the traditional diary with modern features like photo attachments and location tagging.

Digital journaling app

source: friday

Creating a digital journaling app caters to the growing trend of self-care and mental wellness, with increasing awareness of the benefits of journaling on mental health.

Budgeting and finance management app

Budgeting apps like Mint and You Need a Budget (YNAB) help users manage their finances more effectively by tracking spending and offering budget advice.

These apps not only track expenses but also provide insights into spending habits, helping users achieve financial goals through smart money management.

Travel and adventure apps

Virtual tours app

With travel restrictions and safety concerns, virtual tour apps like Google Earth VR have gained popularity, offering immersive experiences of world landmarks without leaving home.

Virtual tour apps are increasingly relevant as they cater to the growing interest in remote travel experiences, especially in a post-pandemic world where travel restrictions are still in place for many.

Adventure planner app

Apps like Roadtrippers and AllTrails are reshaping the way we plan adventures, offering personalized itineraries, detailed maps, and user reviews to ensure a memorable experience.

An adventure planner app taps into the adventure tourism market, which is expected to grow significantly, catering to the increasing number of people seeking personalized and unique travel experiences.

Local guide app

Platforms like TripAdvisor and Yelp have become indispensable for travelers seeking authentic local experiences, providing insights into hidden gems and must-visit spots.

Local guide app

source: Business insider

Developing a local guide app is essential in the era of experiential travel, where travelers are seeking authentic, local experiences over traditional tourist activities.

Language translator app

Google Translate and Duolingo are breaking down language barriers, offering real-time translation services that make communication seamless in any corner of the world.

A language translator app is increasingly necessary in our globalized world, catering to both travelers and business professionals in overcoming language barriers in international interactions.

Travel safety app

Safety apps like Sitata and TripWhistle Global SOS provide real-time safety information, emergency services contacts, and travel alerts, ensuring peace of mind for travelers.

Given the heightened awareness of travel safety, especially post-pandemic, a travel safety app is essential for providing peace of mind and real-time information to travelers.

Productivity apps

Task manager app

Apps such as Todoist and Microsoft To Do help users stay organized with features like task categorization, reminders, and progress tracking, making task management efficient and streamlined.

Task manager app

source: uplabs

Creating a task manager app is vital in today’s fast-paced world, where efficient time management is key to personal and professional productivity.

Focus enhancer app

Forest and Freedom are popular focus apps that reduce digital distractions, using innovative methods like planting virtual trees or blocking distracting websites to enhance productivity.

A focus enhancer app caters to the growing concern of digital distraction, providing tools to help users maintain concentration in an increasingly fragmented digital environment.

Collaborative workspaces apps

Collaborative workspaces apps have transformed team collaboration, providing platforms for messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing, facilitating seamless remote teamwork.

With the rise of remote work, a collaborative workspace app is increasingly important for facilitating teamwork and productivity among geographically dispersed teams.

Time tracking app

Time tracking apps like Toggl and RescueTime provide insights into how users spend their time, helping them optimize their schedules for better productivity.

Time tracking app

source: Replicon

A time tracking app is crucial in a world where optimizing productivity is key, helping individuals and businesses understand and manage their time more effectively.

Goal setting app

These apps gamify goal setting and habit formation, providing a fun and effective way to achieve personal and professional objectives.

Developing a goal-setting app meets the growing interest in personal development and self-improvement, providing tools to help users set and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Social networking apps

Niche community app

These apps create communities based on shared interests, fostering connections and engagement.

Creating an app for niche communities taps into the trend of personalized social networking, catering to specific interests and fostering deeper connections among like-minded individuals.

Event networking app

Networking apps like Meetup and Bizzabo facilitate connections at events, whether virtual or in-person, enhancing the networking experience with features like attendee profiles and messaging.

An event networking app is increasingly relevant as the event industry evolves, providing digital solutions for networking in both virtual and physical event spaces.

Collaborative creativity app

Platforms like Pinterest and Behance allow users to share creative ideas and collaborate on projects, fostering a community of innovation and inspiration.

With the growing emphasis on collaborative work in creative fields, an app that facilitates collaborative creativity can be a valuable tool for artists, designers, and creators.

Anonymous support group app

Apps like Talkspace and BetterHelp offer anonymous support for mental health, providing a safe space for individuals to seek help and share their experiences.

Anonymous support group app

source: One Mind

Developing an app for anonymous support groups meets the increasing demand for mental health resources, providing a safe and accessible space for people to seek support and advice.

Family tree builder app

Family tree builder apps enable users to explore their family history, build family trees, and connect with distant relatives, bridging generational gaps.

A family tree builder app taps into the growing interest in genealogy and family history, as more people are looking to explore and connect with their heritage and family lineage.

Food and cooking apps

Recipe app

In the realm of culinary arts, apps like Allrecipes and Tasty have revolutionized how we discover and share recipes.

Recipe app

source: The Doctor’s Kitchen

A recipe discovery app is essential in a world where cooking at home is becoming increasingly popular, offering users a way to explore new cuisines and enhance their cooking skills.

Meal planning app

Meal planning apps take the guesswork out of meal planning. They offer personalized meal plans based on dietary preferences and restrictions, simplifying the process of eating healthy and reducing food waste.

Meal planning app

source: Meal Planner App

Creating a meal planning app meets the growing demand for efficient and healthy eating solutions, helping users save time, reduce food waste, and adhere to dietary goals.

Virtual cooking classes app

These apps offer virtual cooking classes led by renowned chefs. These apps democratize culinary education, making it possible for anyone to learn cooking skills from world-class professionals.

With the rise of online learning, a virtual cooking class app taps into the growing interest in culinary education, offering users a convenient way to learn cooking skills from professional chefs.

Dietary Restriction Guide app

For those with dietary restrictions, apps like Spoon Guru and Yummly provide tailored recipe recommendations and nutritional advice. They ensure that dietary needs are met without compromising on flavor or variety.

A dietary restriction guide app is increasingly relevant as awareness and prevalence of food allergies, sensitivities, and dietary preferences continue to rise.

Local produce finder app

Local produce finder apps connect users with local farmers’ markets and artisanal producers. They promote sustainable eating by making it easier to access and support local, seasonal produce.

Developing a local produce finder app taps into the growing trend of sustainable eating and support for local farmers, providing users with access to fresh, locally-sourced produce.

Gaming apps

AR gaming app

Augmented reality (AR) gaming apps like Pokémon GO blend the real world with virtual gameplay, creating immersive experiences that are both entertaining and physically engaging.

An AR gaming app is timely, capitalizing on the growing interest in augmented reality technology and its potential to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences.

Brain teaser app

Brain training apps like Lumosity and Peak offer games designed to enhance cognitive functions. These apps provide a fun way to keep the mind sharp and improve mental agility.

Brain teaser app

source: Easybrain

Creating a brain teaser app caters to the increasing interest in mental fitness and cognitive health, providing users with fun and challenging ways to keep their minds sharp.

Multiplayer adventure app

Apps like Fortnite and Among Us demonstrate the popularity of multiplayer gaming, offering social interaction and competitive play, transcending geographical boundaries.

A multiplayer adventure app taps into the social aspect of gaming, offering users a way to connect, compete, and collaborate with others in a virtual environment.

Educational apps for children

Educational games for children combine fun with learning, covering subjects from math to science in an interactive format.

Developing an educational game for children meets the growing demand for digital educational tools, offering a fun and engaging way for children to learn and develop new skills.

Retro gaming app

Retro gaming apps bring classic games back to life, offering a dose of nostalgia and a chance to relive childhood memories.

A retro gaming app taps into the nostalgia market, appealing to both older gamers who grew up with these games and younger audiences curious about classic gaming experiences.

Shopping apps

Virtual fitting room app

Virtual fitting room apps use AR technology to allow users to try on clothes virtually, reducing the uncertainty of online shopping and enhancing the customer experience.

Virtual fitting room app

source: styleme

Creating a virtual fitting room app addresses the challenge of online shopping returns, which are often due to sizing issues. Such an app can enhance the online shopping experience and reduce return rates.

Price comparison app

Apps like Honey and ShopSavvy empower users to shop smartly by comparing prices across different retailers, ensuring they get the best deals on their purchases.

Developing a price comparison app is valuable in an increasingly cost-conscious world, helping consumers find the best deals and save money, which is a growing priority for many shoppers.

Sustainable shopping app

Sustainable shopping apps guide users towards eco-friendly products and brands, promoting conscious consumerism.

A sustainable shopping guide app taps into the growing consumer trend towards eco-friendly products, catering to a market where 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products.

Local artisan markets app

Apps like Etsy and Faire spotlight local artisans and small businesses, offering unique, handmade products and supporting local economies.

Creating an app for local artisan markets responds to the growing interest in supporting small businesses and purchasing unique, handcrafted products.

Group buying app

Group buying apps offer products and services at discounted prices by leveraging the power of collective purchasing, benefiting both consumers and businesses.

Group buying app

source: appadvice

A group buying app capitalizes on the collective purchasing power trend, offering consumers the chance to get discounts while driving volume sales for businesses.

Business and finance apps

Freelancer toolkit app

For freelancers, apps like Upwork and Fiverr provide a platform to find work and manage projects, while tools like FreshBooks offer invoicing and financial management, essential for the gig economy.

In a gig economy where freelancers are expected to make up 50.9% of the U.S. workforce by 2027, a freelancer toolkit app is essential for helping independent workers manage their careers.

Stock market simulator app

Stock market simulator apps like Investopedia Stock Simulator and Trading Game provide a risk-free way to learn and practice trading, making the stock market more accessible to beginners.

Stock market simulator app

source: Trading Simulator & School

With increasing interest in personal investing, a stock market simulator app provides a risk-free way for novices to learn and practice investment strategies.

Small business management app

Small business management apps like Shopify and QuickBooks streamline various aspects of running a business, from sales and inventory management to accounting and customer relations.

A small business management app is critical, as small businesses make up about 44% of U.S. economic activity, providing a tool to streamline their operations is vital.

Financial literacy app

Financial literacy apps like Mint and PocketGuard educate users on managing their finances, offering tools for budgeting, saving, and investing, crucial for financial empowerment.

Developing a financial literacy app is crucial in a world where only 57% of adults in the U.S. are financially literate, highlighting the need for accessible financial education.

Cryptocurrency tracker app

In the evolving landscape of digital finance, cryptocurrency tracking apps like CoinMarketCap and Blockfolio offer real-time data on cryptocurrency prices and trends, essential for investors in this dynamic market.

Cryptocurrency tracker app

source: Crypto Pro

A cryptocurrency tracker app taps into the growing interest in digital currencies, with the global cryptocurrency market projected to reach $1.758 million by 2027.

Environment and sustainability Apps

Carbon footprint tracker app

Carbon footprint tracker apps like MyCarbon and JouleBug help users understand and reduce their environmental impact. They track activities like travel, energy usage, and diet, providing actionable insights to live more sustainably.

Creating a carbon footprint tracker app is crucial as it raises awareness about individual environmental impacts.

Recycling guide app

Apps like iRecycle and RecycleNation provide comprehensive recycling information, including local recycling rules and where to recycle specific items. This guidance is vital in a world where recycling can be complex and location-specific.

Recycle app

source: slideshare

With global recycling rates still low, a recycling guide app can play a significant role in environmental conservation by making recycling easier and more accessible.

Eco-friendly product finder app

Eco-friendly product apps like GoodGuide and Think Dirty offer information on the environmental and health impact of products. They empower consumers to make informed, sustainable purchasing decisions.

An eco-friendly product finder app taps into the growing consumer trend towards sustainable living, helping users make environmentally responsible choices.

Wildlife conservation app

Wildlife conservation apps like WWF Together and Merlin Bird ID bring awareness to endangered species and biodiversity. They provide educational content and ways to participate in conservation efforts.

Developing a wildlife conservation app is crucial as it can help raise awareness and involvement in conservation efforts, especially at a time when many species are facing extinction.

Green travel app

Green travel apps like GreenTrip and Eco Companion focus on sustainable tourism, offering eco-friendly travel options and tips for minimizing one’s travel carbon footprint.

A green travel app is timely, as sustainable travel is becoming increasingly popular, with travelers looking for ways to minimize their environmental impact while exploring the world.

Creative and artistic apps

Digital art platform app

Digital art apps like Procreate and Adobe Fresco provide artists with powerful tools to create digital artwork. They cater to both professional artists and hobbyists, democratizing the art creation process.

With the digital art market growing rapidly, a digital art platform app provides artists a space to create, showcase, and sell their artwork, tapping into this expanding market.

Music creation app

Music creation apps like GarageBand and FL Studio Mobile allow musicians to create and produce music anytime, anywhere. These apps have made music production more accessible and convenient.

A music creation app caters to the rising number of amateur and professional musicians looking for accessible, on-the-go tools to compose and produce music.

Writing prompts app

Writing prompt apps like Brainsparker and Writing Challenge stimulate creativity for writers. They offer random prompts to kickstart the writing process, a boon for combating writer’s block.

Writing prompts app

source: Daily Prompt

In an era where content is king, a writing prompts app can be invaluable for writers and content creators looking for inspiration and creativity in their work.

DIY Project Guides app

DIY project apps like Pinterest and Instructables provide endless inspiration and step-by-step guides for a wide range of projects, encouraging creativity and hands-on activities.

A DIY project guide app taps into the growing trend of home improvement and crafting, particularly relevant in the post-pandemic era where people spend more time at home.

Virtual art galleries app

Virtual art gallery apps like Google Arts & Culture and Artsy offer access to art collections and exhibitions from around the world, making art accessible to a broader audience.

Creating a virtual art gallery app meets the increasing demand for digital access to art and culture, especially important when physical access to galleries and museums is limited.

Utility and tools apps

Personal safety app

Personal safety apps like bSafe and Noonlight offer features like emergency SOS, location tracking, and safe check-ins, providing peace of mind for both users and their loved ones.

In a world where personal safety is a growing concern, a personal safety app provides users with tools and resources to feel secure in various situations.

Home maintenance tracker app

Home maintenance apps like Centriq and HomeZada help homeowners keep track of maintenance schedules, appliance manuals, and home improvement projects, simplifying home management.

Home maintenance tracker app

source: HomeZada

A home maintenance tracker app is essential in assisting homeowners in managing their property maintenance, which is a key aspect of home ownership.

Vehicle Management app

Vehicle management apps like Drivvo and AUTOsist assist in tracking vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, and expenses, ensuring efficient and cost-effective vehicle operation.

With the average household owning 1.9 cars, a vehicle management app helps car owners keep track of maintenance and expenses, simplifying car ownership.

Weather predictor app

Weather apps like AccuWeather and The Weather Channel provide accurate, real-time weather forecasts, helping users plan their activities and stay safe in adverse weather conditions.

Given the increasing unpredictability of weather patterns, a weather predictor app is crucial for individuals to plan their activities and stay safe.

Emergency services locator app

Apps like Emergency+ and Red Panic Button provide quick access to emergency services and vital information in crisis situations, potentially saving lives.

An emergency services locator app is vital, providing quick access to emergency contacts and services, a critical need in any unexpected crisis situation.

Personal development apps

Habit building app

Habit building apps like Habitica make habit formation fun and engaging, using gamification techniques to motivate users to develop and maintain healthy habits.

Habit building app

source: BusinessofApps

In the pursuit of self-improvement, a habit-building app caters to individuals looking to develop positive habits and routines, a growing trend in personal development.

Mind mapping app

Mind mapping apps like MindNode and XMind help in visualizing and organizing thoughts and ideas, enhancing creativity and productivity, particularly in brainstorming and planning processes.

A mind mapping app is essential for individuals and professionals seeking efficient ways to organize and visualize their ideas, enhancing creativity and productivity.

Public speaking practice app

Public speaking apps like Orai and VirtualSpeech offer tools and feedback for practicing speeches and presentations, helping users improve their public speaking skills.

With effective communication being a key skill in the professional world, a public speaking practice app helps users improve their speaking skills and confidence.

Personal finance education app

Personal finance education apps like Acorns and Stash offer lessons and tools for financial education, promoting financial literacy and smart money management.

Personal finance education app

source: Apple

A personal finance education app addresses the pressing need for financial literacy, as studies show that many individuals lack the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions.

Time capsule app

Time capsule apps like FutureMe and TimeCapsule allow users to write messages and create digital keepsakes to be opened in the future, offering a unique way to capture and reflect on life’s moments.

A time capsule app offers users a unique way to document their memories, thoughts, and aspirations, providing a digital space for reflection and self-expression.

Which mobile app are you going to make?

As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, embracing the potential of mobile innovation can lead to the creation of apps that enhance the way we live, work, and connect.

The possibilities are endless, and it’s an exciting time to be a part of this dynamic and ever-expanding industry.

If you’d like to read more about mobile apps and all things tech, check out our blog!

Also, feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to make one of these ideas a reality and build your own app.

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