Making the Business Case for Your New Mobile App

Could your company realize customer or employee success through a mobile app? Both employee- and customer-facing apps can drive ROI when designed, financed, and developed correctly. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand your mobile app as an investment. Only then can you garner the internal support you need to make it a reality.

You will learn

The business benefits of different types of mobile apps
How to measure the returns on your app investment
Strategies for ensuring your app is a financial success

It is hard to speak of DECODE without a beaming smile. Their commitment, drive, high quality bar, familiarity with the latest standards and tools, and all around friendly company culture makes working with them a complete joy. They have been with us in our earliest, most trying, and most prosperous times and are integral to our success both today and into the future! When doing battle as a startup, you want them on your side!

Jonathan Micklos
Software development manager at Amazon, technology business analyst at JPMorgan Chase and former CTO of Fling