Developing your blockchain-based verified identity app

Your identity is the most valuable possession you have. And as the world becomes further digitalised and the boundaries between what you consider your “real” and “virtual” identity begin to fade, the time to address this has arrived.

VeridenKey provides a verified identity that represents you, both in the “real” and “virtual” world. An identity with you in control of your data—authenticated by government and non-goverment partners on the decentralised ledger—and a digital identity key that cannot be taken away from you.

DECODE as a reliable app development partner

The idea of the VeridenKey Access app was always to serve as your identity control hub. So, DECODE has delivered it in a way that it has two main functions: an offline data vault storing your personal information, and data relationship management tool.

Inside Access, you now have the option to connect with other verified users and to be authenticated by partners, giving you full oversight of your personal data exposure. You can also cancel connections at any time, ending the data sharing relationship.


VeridenKey’s goal remains implementing a cross-government-backed digital identity that serves you regardless of your background or nationality, and DECODE’s goal remains to support them all along the way.
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