Quantum-cryptography-powered communication

Qrypt is a quantum cryptography technology vendor from New York City. Their encryption solution protects data from the threat of quantum computers and those machines and mathematics yet to be invented.


Qrypt partnered up with DECODE to develop native iOS, Android, and desktop applications to enable real-time communication like chat, file share, audio and video calls. The key reason for picking DECODE was our extensive experience in building carrier-grade communication applications for the telecom market.

The goal was to create a suite of appealing end-user applications that would utilize Qrypt’s state-of-the-art cryptographic technology and secure communication platform. The main purpose of the mobile and desktop applications was to showcase the technology while offering enterprise-grade UX and features.

We produced applications for 4 different platforms, 2 mobile: Android, iOS, and 2 desktops: Windows and macOS. Mobile applications are native, using Kotlin and Swift respectively, while the desktop one is an Electron app based on React javascript framework.

The client and DECODE worked as a joint scrum team – Qrypt provided the product owner and the scrum master, as well as the UI/UX design, and DECODE provided software development and quality assurance, including CI/CD, test automation, and manual testing.

The project was executed in Microsoft’s development environment, using Teams for communication, Azure DevOps for collaboration and App Center as a CI/CD platform.

On top of automated unit tests, CI pipes also included automated UI tests written in Appium & Behave frameworks and run on SouceLabs’ test device farms. For the desktop app, we used Spectron and Jest test frameworks.