Allowing 65 million people to print for free

An advertising platform. A complex IoT network of connected devices that stretches all over the United Kingdom. A brilliant core team looking for an accomplished mobile and web app development partner.

Printt was all that—so how could DECODE not jump on it?

Printt, take me to the nearest printer

The app finds the nearest public printer and helps you navigate to it, and when you’re in the range of Bluetooth, you can send your documents to the printer and Printt for free.

Where’s the catch? If you want to, every page you print can be subsidized by an advertiser who places a banner on the footer of each page. So besides being a free printing solution open to everyone, it’s also an advertising platform that people don’t actually hate—unlike those pesky pop-up ads!


Deliveroo, Hyundai, DECODE

The pilot project was initially aimed at students, but after it was tested as an advertising platform by Hyundai, Deliveroo, Diageo and Endsleigh, it was time to build it up into a beautiful connected multi-faceted platform open to the whole public of the United Kingdom.

And that we did—so remember us if you ever Printt anything in the UK!