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Whether you need an internal app to optimize your workflow or enterprise level software aimed at business clients, our software development teams are up to any task.

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Challenges you’re facing

Choosing the right developers.

Cutting corners on engineer prices might seem like a good idea. Until you see the end result. Going for the cheapest option isn’t always optimal. But how should you choose?

Falling for false promises.

You’re told a team will be filled with senior developers when in reality it’s all juniors. You’re told a project will be finished in 6 months, yet by the end of the year progress is minimal. It’s hard to know in advance who’s trustworthy.

Investing in the wrong idea.

Investing in an unvalidated idea is like driving with no headlights at night. You won’t know where you’re going. And you’ll most likely crash. It’s important to test your idea before making large investments.

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How we can help you

We transform ideas into successful, powerful and intuitive software products that people love to use. From native and cross-platform iOS and Android apps to specialized web applications, we know exactly how to develop and build awesome products. Check out our services below:


Business & technical analysis

Functionality prioritisation

User journeys

User flows

Process mapping


UX/UI Design

Wireframing & prototyping


Mobile app development

Web app development

Quality assurance




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Metaswitch – a Microsoft company

Unified communication apps

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Messaging and social with a twist

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Great, but why DECODE?

Here’s why you should hire us for your software development needs:

One-stop development

From discovery to delivery, we’ll see your project through every step of the way. Our multidisciplinary teams cover all technologies and platforms. In short: Give us your idea and we’ll turn it into a successful software product.

No code monkeys

We aren’t here to just churn out code. User experience and business sense are at the height of our priorities. This way we ensure your software product actually delivers business goals.


We’re highly proficient in English and understand the nuanced needs of the competitive western market. We also follow the strict EU standards of quality and security.

Highly experienced

80% of DECODErs are senior and middle engineers with extensive domain experience in the most challenging industries.

hire software development company

And there’s more:

  • 1-2 weeks to integrate with your team
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Project managers with extensive tech knowledge
  • Daily stand-ups and biweekly sprint meetings with clients
  • SCRUM agile development
  • Rigorous QA methods
  • Easily scalable teams

Here’s how our average engineer looks like

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Vladimir Kolbas

Neki kratki paragraf o developeru možda generalno na kojem projektu je radio i nesto blabla


8 years


ph.D. in astrophysics

Relevant skills

Swift, Objective-C, C, SwiftUI

Industry expertise

Telco, Healthcare, IoT


English – Full professional proficiency

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Dario Jaic

Experience: 4 years

Education: Master’s of computer science

Relevant Skills:  Swift, Objective-C, C, SwiftUI

Industry expertise: Fintech, Telco

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Igor Bespaljko

Experience: 12 years

Education: Master’s of computer science

Relevant Skills:  Swift, Objective-C, C, SwiftUI

Industry expertise: Fintech, Telco, Healthcare

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Tools of the Trade

We’re engineers so it’s not surprising we know how to get the most out of digital tools. Here’s a snapshot of what we use:

UI/UX Design









Source Control






iOS native:
Swift, Objective C

Android native:
Kotlin, Java

React Native Flutter

Web Backend:
Node.js & Python/Flask

Web Frontend:
React, Angular


BitBucket Pipeline



Azure Dev Ops








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But don’t take our word for it

Here’s what tech leaders have to say about us.
DECODE are one of our most trusted suppliers and we’re pleased to have them as a partner.
Alastair Mitchell
Senior Vice President Engineering at Metaswitch Networks →
DECODE’s in-depth knowledge of creating real-time communication apps was exactly what we needed for such a demanding mobile app solution. Because of their high quality and speed, I consider them as a five-star agency.
Jack Templin
CEO at Thoughtcap
We, at Connecting Markets GmbH, are looking forward to working with DECODE in Denmark. Denmark is one of the most digitalized countries in the world and mobile solutions and app development are of huge importance and on the agenda in many businesses. We believe our network and companies in Denmark can benefit from DECODE’s competences, resources and experience in this area.
Camille Markussen
I am continually impressed by the level of pride and ownership that DECODE takes in the work they perform for us. They treat our products as if they are their own, which translates into better user experiences for our customers.
Kenneth Huebsch
Software Engineering Manager at Qrypt →
DECODE has built a reputation within Metaswitch as supplying quality code at the exacting standards we expect of our own developers.
Mark Mitchell
Senior Director of Engineering at Metaswitch Networks →
For me, DECODE represents quality and speed. Additionally, the guys were super transparent and easy to work with. Their passion and energy are beyond any expectation. Keep up the excellent work!
Marko Srsan
Founder at StartApp LLC
I hired DECODE in 2014 for a very important project with Google and have continued working with them ever since on various projects because they’re ridiculously efficient and reliable.
Miki Simudvarac
CEO at Troido →
What struck us the most with DECODE is the versatility of their engineers who were able to tackle every problem and respond to every challenge with diligence and persistence. Their UI/UX designer showed extraordinary creativity and was a source of excellent ideas. They were an excellent bunch to work with!
William Skannerup
Founder at Gentoo App & VeridenKey
Working on several successful projects together, DECODE developers have become a valuable part of our team, supporting us in our mission of delivering top-quality mobile banking solutions to our customers.
Slavko Znidaric
Mobile solutions manager at Asseco SEE →
We found it impressive that they were completely dedicated and focused on our project solely. They delivered a bug-free app in a timely manner.
Ivan Zubec
Software Development Head at Klimaoprema →
DECODE successfully delivered an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Their dedication to the project’s success and quick turnaround time made for a fruitful engagement.
Josko Anicic
CEO at Pinecone
Their staff showed broader engineering skills, beyond just “mere” software development, like an analytical approach, diligent troubleshooting, and the willingness to learn fast.
Tonci Damjanic
CTO at Bizzon →

Still not convinced?

Here are verified Clutch testimonials from our satisfied clients.


Dedicated team

A simple software product limited to 1 platform. That usually means 5-10 functionalities.

Multidisciplinary team


2-5 Average team size

Extended team

Multiplatform software solution. Above 10 functionalities with frontend and backend.

Team size


Price range


Enterprise level software product for mobile and web use. Especially for industries with strict guidelines such as fintech, telco, healthcare. Kljuc u ruke

Team size


Price range

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