Will you give me regular updates?

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August 23, 2021

Yes, of course. We have regular daily standups and sprint planning (every two or three weeks) as part of the Scrum methodology. You are welcome to participate in these meetings.

During daily standups we talk about our progress, challenges that we are managing and our plans for the ongoing sprint.

During sprint planning meetings we plan our roadmap for the next two or three weeks of work.
We also have retrospection meetings (looking back on the previous sprint, discussing achievements and things that we didn’t do, why we didn’t, analyzing the problem, and deciding what could be done better).

You will get regular demo builds so you can check if the mobile or web app we’re creating meets your requirements. You will have direct contact with every team member through Slack, video calls, and e-mail too.

You will have real-time access to our project management tools, documentation and source code repository so you can see how your project progresses in real-time.

At the beginning of each month you will also get a detailed time-sheet report for the previous month so you can see in detail how your team spent their time.

Written by

Silvija Gustec

Business Development Associate