What is your hiring process?

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July 26, 2021

Step 1: Online Application

All our open positions are listed on our website. To apply, complete the online application through Bamboo. When you send your application you will receive a thank you email to confirm it’s reached us. Once your application arrives, our team will review your qualifications. If we feel that your skills and experience meet our requirements, we will contact you for an interview. We’ll also let you know if you haven’t been successful too.

Step 2: First interview with a Hiring Lead and People Operation Team Lead

We prefer people to come to the office for an interview but it is possible to arrange a video interview as well. The first interview will cover your education and experience, and we’ll be assessing your knowledge and motivation. It will take about an hour, with plenty of time to ask us everything you want to know.

Step 3. Second interview with a Hiring Lead, People Operations Team Lead and COO

Again, we prefer in-person interviews but could do video if necessary. This interview is for our COO to get to know you better and it’s more like a relaxed talk where we discuss salary, potential start dates, benefits and remote working. It’s the last step before we decide to hire you.

Step 4. Offer

If we decide you’re the best candidate for the position, we will send you an offer letter.

Step 5: Onboarding at DECODE

Congratulations and welcome to DECODE! We’ll start our onboarding process so you can begin to feel part of the team. We have a dedicated team of people who will help you with your first days at DECODE.

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