Because you don’t say no to Google

It’s not every day you get asked to build an app that Google wants to put their name behind, so when you do you say yes!

It was December 2014 in snowy Zagreb when Miki Simudvarac, founder of Simvelop and organizer of world-famous droidcon conference, approached us. The guy is a legend in the Android world and his latest venture was to team up with Google to develop a game called Emoji Party for Chromecast. The game is a battle for points where speed and your combined knowledge of movies and emojis is tested against your friends.

Emoji Party in the App Store

He had already built a state-of-the-art Android version of the game and was now looking for an iOS team. He had heard great things about DECODE and came to us as his very first inquiry.

He came to the right place as the game was delivered to the highest standard, in the required timeframe, and–most importantly–to the satisfaction of Google.

With Google happy, Miki was happy

I hired DECODE in 2014 for a very important project with Google and have continued working with them ever since on various projects because they’re ridiculously efficient and reliable.

Miki Simudvarac
CEO at Troido, CEO at Aconno, consultant at Vodafone and organiser of droidcon conference

We can’t get enough of each other

As a result of this relationship we meet up with Miki for beers in Dusseldorf, Germany whenever possible. Also, DECODE has now become one of leading sponsors of droidcon conference, our Android developers speak there and Miki has since hired us on several of his other projects.